Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at treasure@glacialridgeabate.org

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday November 5th, 2005
4pm at Rooney's in Sedan

Officers Attending:

President: Absent
Vice President: Rodney King
Secretary: Tanya filling in for Desiree (absent due to car accident) 
Treasurer: Todd Lund
State Rep: Brandon Nelson
Government Relations: Absent
Sergeant @ Arms: Craig Hanson
                            Bob Sturges
Members Present: 23
Meeting Called to Order at 4:10pm
No secretaries report available.
  • Motion to accept made by Jim, seconded by Julie, and passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~ Todd:

  • Motion to accept made by Warren, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.
State Reps Report~ Chuckles:

  • ~Biker Day at the capitol is March 8th
  • ~Please take a look at page 25 of the Road Noise
  • ~Tickets for bike raffle
New Business:

  • ~Need 5013C Numbers for first responder and/or fire department donations
  • ~Thank you to Randy Jensen for the use of his trailer.
  • ~Motion made by Bob King to buy trailer for chapter use, seconded by Joey, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~BLIZZARD BASH will be held on Saturday February 25th. Motion to have Joey take care of music made by Jim, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.  
  • ~Please get busy on gathering items for the silent auction.
  • ~This year for our mini kbike raffle we sold 1428 tickets for a total for $5779.63 from ticket sales leaving us with $2839.82 after split with state.
  • ~Motion made by Jim to purchase a mini chopper and a mini rocket again next year, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.  Sturges will check into the mini bikes.
  • ~Motion made by Warren for $250 for alcohol at the Christmas party, seconded by Jim, passed by oral vote. 
Old Business:
  • ~Memorial we donated to in Morris is going well.
Motion to adjourn made by Bob King, seconded by Howie, passed by oral vote.
Meeting adjourned at 5:50pm.