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Note: Chapter financial information is removed from the minutes and is available by contacting the chapter treasure at

Glacial Ridge Chapter Minutes
Saturday November 5th, 2005
4pm at Rooney's in Sedan

Officers Attending:

President: Absent
Vice President: Rodney King
Secretary: Tanya filling in for Desiree (absent due to car accident) 
Treasurer: Todd Lund
State Rep: Brandon Nelson
Government Relations: Absent
Sergeant @ Arms: Craig Hanson
                            Bob Sturges
Members Present: 23
Meeting Called to Order at 4:10pm
No secretaries report available.
  • Motion to accept made by Jim, seconded by Julie, and passed by oral vote.
Treasurers Report~ Todd:

  • Motion to accept made by Warren, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.
State Reps Report~ Chuckles:

  • ~Biker Day at the capitol is March 8th
  • ~Please take a look at page 25 of the Road Noise
  • ~Tickets for bike raffle
New Business:

  • ~Need 5013C Numbers for first responder and/or fire department donations
  • ~Thank you to Randy Jensen for the use of his trailer.
  • ~Motion made by Bob King to buy trailer for chapter use, seconded by Joey, and passed by oral vote.
  • ~BLIZZARD BASH will be held on Saturday February 25th. Motion to have Joey take care of music made by Jim, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.  
  • ~Please get busy on gathering items for the silent auction.
  • ~This year for our mini kbike raffle we sold 1428 tickets for a total for $5779.63 from ticket sales leaving us with $2839.82 after split with state.
  • ~Motion made by Jim to purchase a mini chopper and a mini rocket again next year, seconded by Mel, and passed by oral vote.  Sturges will check into the mini bikes.
  • ~Motion made by Warren for $250 for alcohol at the Christmas party, seconded by Jim, passed by oral vote. 
Old Business:
  • ~Memorial we donated to in Morris is going well.
Motion to adjourn made by Bob King, seconded by Howie, passed by oral vote.
Meeting adjourned at 5:50pm.