Google Team

Mr. Joseph Mucheru, Regional Lead for Google in Sub Saharan Africa, Nairobi

Joe has been charged with running and execution of Google strategy for Sub Saharan Africa since being hired in June 2007. Prior to joining Google he worked at Wananchi Online, a company he co-founded in 1999. He held various roles at the company including Chief Technology Officer, Strategy & Business Director and most recently Chief Executive Officer. He obtained his undergraduate degree (B Sc. (Hons)) in Economics & Computer Science at City University in London in 1993 and has since accumulated numerous certifications most recently bring the Stanford Executive Program from Stanford University in California. His outside interests other than being with his family, include work as a founding member of the Computer Security incidence Response Team of Kenya (CSIRT), he enjoys sports, traveling, music, films, politics, business and most recently sustainable organic farming!!

Paa Kwesi Imbeah, Partner Solutions Organization, London

Paa Kwesi helps to craft and implement technology solutions for large Google partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked on a large number of integrations involving Google Maps, Google AdSense, Google Product Search and Google Book Search. He currently works on partner solutions for Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, iGoogle, Picasa and Google Earth.  Paa Kwesi likes exploring his neighbourhood on his bicycle.

Mike Springer, Software Engineer, Zürich

Mike is a Software Engineer at Google for 5.5 years, joining the company as part of the acquisition of @Last Software, makers of SketchUp.  Following the acquisition he was the lead developer for the free version of SketchUp, then transitioned to be the lead developer for the project to put 3D buildings into Google Earth.  He then worked for 18 months on the Google Groups Discussions project before moving to Zürich, Switzerland 3 months ago to join the Emerging Markets team.  In his free time, he enjoys a wide range of activities, including cooking (Italian and Mexican, primarily), traveling, woodworking and just about anything else.

Luisella Mazza, Search Quality Senior Analyst, Dublin

Luisella is a Search Quality Senior Analyst who joined Google in 2005 to support search quality efforts in the European languages. She is also the Google Guide on the Italian webmaster help group. Luisella has a degree in Foreign Languages (French, Spanish and Catalan) from the University of Bologna, Italy and a degree in Technology of Computing from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Aneto Okonkwo, Product Manager, Zurich

Aneto leads many of Google’s SMS products and Africa projects.  He previously worked on Google's data storage infrastructure and Google Trends.  As part of the infrastructure team, Aneto helped launch hundreds of features across various Google products.  Aneto is an avid football fan.

Natalia Marmasse, Tech Lead / Manager, Israel

Natalia Marmasse has been an engineer at Google, working on Mobile applications, since 2006. She holds a PhD from MIT, and has worked on wearable and mobile computing for over two decades. Previously she was a researcher at IBM. She is currently very interested in Emerging Markets.

Bridgette Sexton, Program Manager, Developer and Tech Outreach – Africa

Bridgette is the program manager for developer relations and technology outreach across Sub Saharan Africa based out of Ghana. She works to enable programmers and start ups to utilize Google’s developer and business tools for the purpose of driving innovation online. Before joining the Africa team full time, Bridgette was a sales strategy consultant focused on moving advertising agencies and media houses into the digital age. She has a diverse background from jump starting a microfinance organization in Peru to studying  in Thailand. Bridgette is a passionate individual, avid runner and adventure traveler. 

Bob Aman, Developer Programs Engineer, Social Web, Mountain View

Bob works on the Developer Relations team at Google in Mountain View. He loves contributing to open source, open web standards, and generally making the web a friendlier, more useful place for everybody. Bob was once saved from a volcanic mishap by a bad case of malaria. True story.

Richard Ngamita, Data Analyst & Developer Outreach, Kenya

Ngamita  joined Google working on data  in 2009.  Prior to Google. He was living and working as a developer in Accra, Ghana.  Before that,  he co-founded a few startups in Uganda e.g HotSpotME & SMS2KYAKALE.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Makerere University.

Victor Munyua, Commercialisation, Sub Sahara Africa

Jeremiah Kairuki, Geographic Consultant - Nairobi

Udi Graff, Visual Designer

Nicolas Garnier, Developer [Advocate | Programs Engineer]

Nicolas joined Google’s Developer Relations in 2008. Since then he's worked on commerce oriented products such as Google Checkout and Google Base, and also used a variety of developer products to build Chrome Extensions, Gadgets, Android, App Engine and GWT apps. Currently, he is working on Google Apps with a focus on Google Calendar and Google Contacts APIs. Before joining Google, Nicolas worked at Airbus and at the French Space Agency where he built web applications for scientific researchers.

Chris Kiagari, Corporate Operations Engineer

Chris Kiagiri is the technical lead in our Nairobi office. He has been with Google for 6+ years and helps to craft and implement technology solutions for Google partnerships in Africa. He has worked on a number of integrations involving Google Maps, Google AdSense, and AdMob. He currently works on partner solutions for Google Custom Search and Google Apps. Chris is a graduate of Stanford University and is thrilled to be back in Nairobi, which is fast becoming the next Palo Alto.

Brett St. Claire, Strategic Partner Development Manager 

Brett StClair spent 15 years working in mobile media all over the globe – engineering, implementing and selling mobile operator infrastructure from London to Mongolia.

After a decade in London, Brett returned to his birthplace, Johannesburg, to start his own mobile media agency. Brett is now utilising his extensive knowledge of the South African and African mobile media market as Country Manager for Admob, one of the world’s leading mobile advertising network. His passions are family, freedom, the frenetic buzz of developing mobile technology, fine humour and, occasionally, a round or two of golf.

Ham Namakajjo, Office Lead - Uganda

Ayite Gaba, Business Development Associate

Ahmad Hamzawi - Head of Engineering, Middle East/North Africa

Ahmad Hamzawi is the head of engineering at Google for the Middle East and North Africa region. He is currently leading engineering teams focused on building and adapting products for the Arab world. Ahmad joined Google in 2006 from KNOVA Software in Silicon Valley where he was Senior Director of Engineering. At KNOVA, he led the onshore and offshore engineering development and operations of an award-winning enterprise search and knowledge management product. Previously, he managed engineering teams of early stage startup companies as well as large enterprise companies such as Autodesk and Gateway. He has also taught courses in the Department of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science.

Richard Hyndman, Developer Advocate

Richard is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google in the UK. He has enjoyed over 10 years in the mobile industry, including experience running a VC funded mobile start up, working for a large mobile operator and a few years consulting. With his J2ME and XHTML years behind him, Richard now supports Android developers bringing excellent apps to the Android Market.

Guy Flysher, Software Engineer

Guy is a software engineer who joined Google in 2007. Since then he's worked on various projects including: Social Graph services (used by Google+), Gmail backend and Account Recovery. In January 2011 Guy joined the Emerging markets engineering team which is responsible for developing products suited to emerging markets (which Uganda/Kenya is a part of).

David Thorpe, Technical Account Manager

Raj Rajuai, Geographic Consultant - Nairobi

Lara Rennie , Software Engineer - Zurich

Lara comes from New Zealand, and has worked for Google since 2007. After an initial stint in the Google News team, she moved to the internationalisation team where she still works. In particular, she works on libraries for parsing, validating and formatting entities such as phone-numbers, addresses and opening hours.

Vignesh Anand, Partner Solutions, Nairobi/Strategist, Ads Quality, Hyderabad

Vignesh joined the Search Quality Webspam team in 2008 at Google India and moved to manage an online fraud team within the Ads Quality umbrella. He currently is working for the Partner Solutions team in Nairobi to support Google's partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa. He loves motorcycling and traveling to the Himalayas once a year.