Google for Computer Science Lecturers

This a 2-day Web 2.0 technologies workshop taught by Google Software Engineers. We base the course on Google web technologies and present ideas on how such a course may be structured and conducted.  A possible course outline is sketched, and we provide some illustrative lectures, some sample web applications, and ideas on how to organize the practical elements of a course.

Suitable for:

  • Computer Science or Technical Lecturers teaching or interested in teaching a practical course on web technologies and application development
  • Computer Science Students actively involved in Web application development and object orientated programming
To attend, you'll need a:
  • Working knowledge of Java
  • Basic building block of HTML, XML and CSS
  • Laptop for practical sessions

Focus: We'll provide some sample lectures and lots of practical sessions on:
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT): Java-based toolkit for building web apps
  • Google AppEngine and GData: API for persistent data storage, and a data formatting and exchange (GData)
  • Introduction to APIs, including Google APIs: Maps, Youtube, Search, etc.

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The following agenda will take up two days. There will be plenty of breaks, social time and lunch will be provided.

Day 1 (Monday, 12th September 2011)

0815-1400 As Day 1 of G-Kenya

1400-1430 Welcome and intro!

1430-1530     Overview: Google AppEngine

1530-1700 Simple Apps Codelab

1700:1800 Google Web Toolkit (intro & advanced topics) 

Day 2 (Tuesday, 13th September 2011)

0900-0945 Google Apps in the classroom

0945-1030     Prepare for Development

1030-12:15 Practical Session

12:15-1315 Lunch

1315-1400 Apps development Brainstorming

1400-1600 Practical Session

1600-1700 Show & Tell - demoing Apps

1700-1800 Apps Competition

Preparation by participants

Please set your coding environment before coming !