The Next Iteration of Digital.

Day 1

At Google, we believe in the philosophy to launch and iterate. This year, we bring you our iteration 2.0 of G|Kenya. With fresh content, a stronger focus on strategy and more hands on sessions, we will provide businesses, marketers, techies and entrepreneurs a chance to engage directly with the latest and greatest from Google. You will engage with our international Google team, get the chance to ask questions and enjoy a day with top peers. 

We also think you can be serious with out a suite, so we are putting popcorn in your hands and hosting this year's G|Kenya 2.0 at the Westgate Mall Cinemas. To attend this free event, please complete the application below corresponding to the day(s) you would like to attend. Space is limited so act fast! 

Whether you are a developer or business person, consider joining the Garage48 event in Nairobi on Sept 30-Oct 2nd. Sponsored by Google, this event aims to turn your ideas into working services in 48 hours. Register for Garage48 Nairobi today!

Dates: September 12th & 13th 2011

Day 1: For Businesses & Marketing Professionals

Registration is FULL!

September 12th

Theme: Growing with a Digital Strategy

Day 1 will be three tracks - Business/Marketers, Publishers/Content Owners, Labs for Hands-On - allowing you to find just the information you want and need. Our goal is to help spur innovation and business growth through helping you form a digital strategy. 

Sessions will help you understand how to:
  • Growing your business through digital  
  • Marketing with web and mobile 
  • Tracking and measure results
  • Manage business presence online
  • Creating and monetizing great content. 
We'll close with an entrepreneur panel where panelists will share their expertise in funding and launching technology ventures. Check out the agenda! 

Day 2: For Software Developers & Webmasters

Registration is FULL!

September 13th

ThemeDeveloper & Webmaster Deep Dive

Day 2 will focus on getting deeper with some of our most popular developer products and tools - Android, Chrome, App Engine, Maps and Webmaster Tools.  Google developer tools to push the boundaries of web applications. Google engineers and web development leaders will guide you through a full day of in-depth, hands-on sessions, including hands-on code labs dedicated to cutting edge web and mobile technologies. 

You will choose from a menu of  intermediate and advanced Mobile Web / AndroidChrome & HTML5, App Engine and Geo/Maps sessionsView the full agenda.

Important: If you have a laptop, set up your development environment before arrival for each session your interested. 


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