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Publications List


Peer Reviewed Journals:

“The Process of State Agency Formation and India’s Pre-1998 Operational Nuclear Posture: What Structural Theories Don’t Get,” Submitted to International Security (Fall 2012 – Under Review). 

Correspondence: Kennedy, Andrew B. Fall 2011. “India’s Nuclear Odyssey: Implicit Umbrellas, Diplomatic Disappointments and the Bomb,” International Security. Vol. 37 No.2 (Fall 2012).

“Threats, Institutions and Nuclear Learning: Behind India's Veil of Nuclear Ambiguity - 1989-1999,” Annual Review of Political and Military Sociology, 2012 (Forthcoming).

“Stakeholders in India’s Strategic Missile Program,” Nonproliferation Review, Fall/Winter 2003.

“Second-Tier Proliferation: The Case of Pakistan and North Korea,” Nonproliferation Review, Fall-Winter 2002.

“In Praise of Indifference Toward India’s Bomb,” Orbis, Spring 2001.

“From Existential to Minimum Deterrence: Explaining India’s Decision To Test, Nonproliferation Review, Fall 1998.

Book Review, Journal of Asian Studies, May 2001.
India’s Nuclear Security, Edited by Raju G.C. Thomas and Amit Gupta. Boulder, CO.: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000.

Book Chapters:

“Kashmir and India-Pakistan Nuclear Issues,” in Devin Hagerty ed., South Asia in World Politics, (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005).

“WMD Diffusion in Asia,” in Ashley J. Tellis and Michael Wills eds., Strategic Asia 2004-2005: Taking Stock of the War on Terrorism, (Seattle: National Bureau of Asian Research, 2004).

Web Reports & Issue Briefs:

“Proliferation Unbound: Nuclear Tales from Pakistan,” CNS, February 2004.

“Nuclear Watch – Pakistan,” Nuclear Threats Initiative, January 2004.

“The Indo-Pakistani Military Standoff: Why It Isn’t Over Yet,” Nuclear Threats Initiative, September 2002.

“India’s Compellance Strategy,” CNS, June 2002.

“Placing the Indo-Pakistani Military Standoff in Perspective,” CNS, April 2002.

“Safety Concerns About the Command & Control of Pakistan’s Strategic Forces, Fissile Material, and Nuclear Installations, CNS, September 2001. 

“How a US National Missile Defense Will Affect South Asia,” CNS, May 2000.

“CTBT Endgame in South Asia?” CNS, January 2000. 

“The Military Coup in Pakistan: Implications for Nuclear Stability in South Asia,” CNS, October 1999.


“Too Clever By Half,” Hindu (Chennai) May 2001.

“Pakistan: A Shift Away From Indo-Centricism?” Dawn (Karachi), April 2001.

“Domino Dynamics,” Herald (Islamabad), July 2000.

“From Russia with Love,” Defense News (Springfield, VA), Summer 2000.

“How and Why China Proliferates Ballistic Missiles to Pakistan,” Statesman (Calcutta), August 2000.

“Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” Rediff on the Net, August 1999.

“The Escalating War in Kashmir,” Rediff on the Net, May 1999.

“India’s Kosovo Conundrum,” Rediff on the Net, April 1999.

“Hammering Out an Indo-US Nuclear Deal,” Rediff on the Net, December 1998.

“Revisiting the CTBT,” Rediff on the Net, July 1998.

“Behind India’s Veil of Nuclear Ambiguity,” Rediff on the Net, August 1998.

“The BJP’s Monumental Blunder,” Rediff on the Net, June 1998.

“What Story Does the Ghauri Tell Us?” Rediff on the Net, May 1998.

“Prithvi: The Case for ‘No-First-Deployment’,” Rediff on the Net, July 1997.


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