In Progress
Johnson, J. G., Zhou, X., Koop, G. J., & Franco-Watkins, A. M. (submitted). A closer look at decision making under time pressure.

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Postdoctoral Fellow (2012 - 2014)
Memory Modeling Laboratory
Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY
Advisor: Amy H. Criss

Ph.D. in Psychology, with certification in college teaching (2012)
Miami University; Oxford, OH
Dissertation: Beyond process tracing: The validation and application of response dynamics in preferential choice.
M.A. in Psychology (2009)
Miami University; Oxford, OH
Thesis: The simultaneous use of multiple reference points in risky decision making.

B.A. in Psychology, History (2006)
Goshen College; Goshen, IN
Courses Taught

Eastern Mennonite University
PSYC 101 General Psychology 

PSYC 341 Cognitive Psychology 

PSYC 342 / BMS 542 Cognitive Psychology for the Health Sciences

PSYC 472 Research in Psychology 

PSYC 473 Research in Psychology: Applied 

BMC 613 Biomedical Research Design and Statistics 

Miami University
PSY 271 Cognitive Psychology 

PSY 293L Psychology Statistics Laboratory 



About me
At present, I am an assistant professor of psychology at Eastern Mennonite University, and will be the President-Elect of the Virginia Association for Psychological Science (effective January 1, 2017).  Outside of academia I enjoy training for triathlons, and cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays (extended family from Ontario) and Notre Dame football (I grew up in Northern Indiana, it's really all we had).