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Quake on the Lake, Waterford, MI Race Event

posted Oct 15, 2013, 6:58 PM by Gi Wizz Racing   [ updated Oct 15, 2013, 7:00 PM ]
Though our trip to Michigan was long, it was far from uneventful. We lost the air conditioner in our truck with 14 hours left of our trip, yes just as we headed out for the long journey on Thursday while the temperatures were rising above 80 degrees.  About a half hour into Canada we shredded one of our tires on the trailer! Thank goodness, we made it to the hotel safe and sound.

Saturday was a beautiful day for racing, the crew were great!  Everyone did their responsible duties and did it well!  A Special Thanks goes out to all our crew! We received our race schedule and when we were called to the water, we were ready.  It felt great to be in her again going around the race track.

The engine sounded AWESOME, and our plan was just to bring her back in one piece, for one heat , before doing battle in the feature!  As she came accross the start finish line on the third lap, the left sponson exploded. Tore out the whole left side of the boat with damage to the right sponson as well.  The turn fin is now at the bottom of the Pontiac Lake. Jay is ok and did not get hurt, the boat did make it to the pit area in time for the crew to hold her up from sinking. Again, what great team work!

So, with no boat to drive on Sunday, we packed up and headed home on Sunday morning.  We took our time, had a nice drive through Canada via the Niagara Falls, but while we were just outside of Albany, NY, the treads on the spare tire that we had just put on from the first blow out came off.  We were able to make it to the next rest area have yet another pit stop. Since we already had practice changing the tire, we did it in no time. Again, great pit crew!

So as it stands, the "Beast' will be coming out of the boat and Leo will remove the oil pan just to make sure that all the bearings are good and check for any moisture that could have gotten into the cylinders & valves.

Our girl is now with Bruce and he has assessed the damage and decided to rebuild the sponson.  Check out the slides on the Home Page for our progress.

Check out the photos from our trip to Quake on the Lake in Waterford, MI taken by two of our Crew Members, Steve & Jeanette (R-Time Photography).   Here you will find photos of not just  GiWizz Racing Team but also of our other Racing Families.

Quake on the Lake photos:

As always Thanks for being great fans.