about me

GivenToFly is really just James O'Flanagan.  I am a hobbyist developer.  I originally wrote my first app, "WW Calc" just for my wife, but uploaded it to the market anyway.  After just a few months, it had over 100,000 downloads.  It has averaged 4.5 to 5 stars, and many great comments.  With such a successful first app, I've decided to write more.  However, having a full time job, while starting my own business, and being a dad and husband at the same time, greatly reduces the time I can spend on my hobbies.  This is why updates and new apps are slow to come.

I've recently added a paid version, and made the free WW Calc app now ad supported.  This has garnered a few complaints, however I feel I should explain that I am not doing this because I am a greedy developer.  All the money that I make from any apps goes straight into my 20 month old son, Colins, college fund.  My toddler is very smart, and will probably get into a good and therefore expensive school, so I am starting early saving for his college.  So by purchasing my apps, or tolerating a small add at the very bottom, you are contributing to the future education of my son.

Because I am not a professional app developer, or programmer, I'm learning Java and Android Programming as I go.  This allows me to add more features and fix bugs as I go.  There are several features I that have been requested for WW Calc, and I plan on implementing them as soon as I figure out how :)  Also, I have ideas for several more apps as well, but I need to learn some more code to finish them.

I would like to thank everyone that purchased WW Calc Plus, and those that are currently using WW Calc for your support and positive comments.  
I would also like to thank my wife for putting up with all my geekiness, and still loving me, even when I take it too far.  I know you don't care what an Intent is, or how to implement an OnClickListener, but thanks for listening anyway.