WW Calc Release Log

WW Calculator v1.0 for Blackberry has been submitted to App World
Well, it's been a challenging road for this version of the app.  With almost no books or online tutorials for blackberry 
programming, I've figured most of this from playing with the SDK.  Version 1.0 is a North American only version, 
with no Tracker yet.  I mostly just wanted to get a feel for how successful this will be on the Blackberry Platform 
before putting all the extra work into writing the tracker code.

Fun Facts for BB WW Calculator v1.0 (well maybe for someone :) )
3 Months in development
72 total builds before release
3 Class files
500 lines of code
1 month of beta

Screenshots will follow once it's approved for release.

First Screens of WW Calculator for Blackberry are here!!
Well... Screen.  Ok, so I changed my mind again.  I wanted to hurry up and get the app out for the Blackberry Playbook to be 
eligible for a free Blackberry Playbook, but since Flex 4 Mobile is so new, and I have absolutely no experience 
with Flex 4 or any Flash based programming, and the lack of educational material, I turned back to straight 
blackberry handset programming.  Thanks everyone for the supportive emails.  Everyday I get more and more 
requests for the BB version.  I still have to file some papers with RIM to be able to release onto App World, and once 
the app is done, it still can take 2 - 4 weeks for release approval from RIM, so I'm thinking it will be available sometime 
early to mid april.  I will also be releasing all of my apps on getJar.com now too, so if you don't have the Android Market on 
your device, or your job has blocked BB App World, check there for my apps too.  Now without further  delay, the world 
premier of WW Calculator for Blackberry!
was it worth the wait?  No code yet, I've just finished the new system UI.  I will probably release a current system only 
version first, then update to include the old system shortly after.  This way I can push it out quicker and see exactly 
how BB App World works.

WW Calculator Version 3.0 is now available in the market!
After my last posting about how I was planning on taking a break from programming for a bit, I received a ton of email 
asking when I thought the new version would be available.  Once I realized how many people were waiting on the new 
version, I decided to put the time in.  After over a week of 2am nights, I've finished version 3.0.  It's not a final version yet 
as there are some more things I want to add in, and there are some bits that could be better optimized to make the overall 
size of the app smaller.  It's still a very lightweight app at only 392kb, but I think I can get it down to 375kb :)
So heres what's new:
Now supports Apps2SD (requires android 2.2)
Refreshed UI, now easier to switch between calculator and tracker, easier control
Added the old calculators back in
Added in Weekly points for flex
Fixed a TON of tracker Force Close bugs
Might work on Galaxy S, and HTC Desire phones now.  (still no beta testers with Desire Phones, but Galaxy S feedback has
    been positive)
I Still plan on adding:
Some language support;
Customizable UI;
A Widget to add points directly from the home screen (probably way off)
These will be tossed in as I complete them via minor 3.x updates, Don't expect them too soon.

If you are using version 2.0.1 that was sent to you by email, you should be able to install this from the market 
directly over the current install.  However, if you have any problems installing, remove the older version first, 
then try again.

Just a little note.  Although I've added in apps2sd support, I never recommend installing apps to the SD card unless 
you absolutely need space.  Most newer phones have plenty of space for a rediculous amount of apps.  Using your 
phones internal memory for apps will lead to better performance overall, and allow you to use the app when your phone 
is plugged into your computer and mounted as a drive.  Just my $.02.
Now on to Blackberry!!!

Taking a break from programming for a few weeks
I apologize to everyone that's been patiently waiting for version 3.0, and those still waiting for the Blackberry release, but 
since taking Apex AutoSound full time, I have been much busier than I anticipated.  I had been expecting business to be 
slow since we are just starting out, leaving me more time to work on my programming projects, however, just the opposite 
is true.  We have been extremely busy these last few weeks, leaving me no time at all to work on the new version.  I have 
been receiving a ton of email from people wanting to beta test the new version, as well as those with blackberry's waiting 
for the blackberry version.  I try to answer all my emails, but have been slacking lately, and I apologize for that as well.  I 
will be re-releasing the older calculator back into the market to eliminate the need for individual responses.  I didn't realize 
how many people still wanted to use the older system.  I will try my best to get version 3 out for Android, and version 1 for 
Blackberry as soon as I can.  Realistically, I'm shooting for a spring release for Android, and a blackberry version 2-3 weeks 

Shameless Plug :)
or search us on facebook for Project Factory Five GTM pics.

Another Minor update to tweak the accuracy
I wish I could just get a hold of the new formula. Instead I have to work with what I find online, then check it against the official 
calculator.  I went through my entire kitchen, testing everything from little snacks to frozen entres, and it was dead on for all 
of them. Thanks to my mother in law for letting me use her fancy official calculator.  This little electronic calculator is terrible 
though.  It's cheap and if you don't press the buttons the perfect way, it doesn't work.  My app is definately better :)

PS /Rant I keep getting emails and negative comments because people are still using the old system, and others don't even 
know about the new system.  I really don't appreciate nasty emails from people who aren't keeping up with the new system.  
I didn't choose to change it, Weight Watchers did.  Why are you getting upset at me?  Especially when you consider that 
I'm being nice and still sending the older version to people on request.  I don't have to do that. geez.  Anyways

If you have an HTC Desire phone, or a Galaxy S phone and would like to beta test, I still need more people on those platforms.  
Also if you have a Motorola Citrus, or similar phone with an ldpi screen, I could use some testers with that platform as well.  
Also, if you have a blackberry and would like to be a tester for that platform, let me know too, I will be rolling out Blackberry 
Betas in the next few weeks for the v2 styling for blackberry.  Version 3.0 for android betas will be rolling out shortly after the 
New Year.  In my goal to learn all 4 major US smartphone platforms, Window Phone 7 will follow the Blackberry Release, and 
Last and also certainly least, iPhone will round out the complete US Smartphone release of my apps.  yay.

Email Beta Tester Requests to GivenToFly17@gmail.com

Minor Update to all versions of WW Calculator to increase accuracy
I have been getting a lot of complaints about accuracy, and I've gone through and found that I used the wrong code 
for rounding.  All values should now round properly preventing most of the errors.  Please note however, that Weight 
Watchers has not release it's formula to anybody, so I can only go by what I've found on the web. 

All versions of WW Calculator have been updated
All 3 variants of WW calculator have been patched to reflect the change to Points Pro.  This has sparked some 
dissapointment from people who wish to continue using the old system.  I am not supporting the older version anymore 
as I'm going forward with developing a newer better version 3.0.  However, if you really want the older version, I will be 
sending it via email to anyone who requests it.  Keep in mind, you will not receive any updates though.  To receive the 
older version email me @ giventofly17@gmail.com with your request.

I've also decided I'm going to try something a little different for the 3.0 build.  For those that would like to be involved in testing 
I will be sending out incremented builds based on feedback received.  This should help create a better application for 
everyone.  To get involved, shoot me an email at giventofly17@gmail.com.

Pro Points Update Released for WW Calculator
I've release a temporary build v2.1 which is a modified 2.0 but now uses the new Pro Points System.  This update 
DOES NOT fix the Desire/Galaxy S tracker crashes.  I'm still working on the new UI which should fix that... maybe.  
If someone can get me a Galaxy S or Desire handset :P, I could debug easier and push out a solution for that too.

As always, if you would like to be a beta tester for any future release of this app, email me with your phone model, and 

This hobby of mine is taking up an ever increasing amount of my time, but has become a labor of love.  WW Calc has 
progressed from a basic calculator to an incredibly popular, useful application.  I've really grown to love software programming, 
and have since release 3 versions of WW Calc, and a Sale Price Calculator (similar and basic, but hey, I'm still not learning).
Due to the popularity, requests, and my own desire to learn programming on other platforms, After the completion of v3.0, I will 
be porting this application to Blackberry.  And if I can get my hands on a mac, iPhone/iPad.  Along with other ideas I have for 

Pro Points Update
Thank you everyone for your patience.  I am very limited on time, so this update unfortunately didn't make
the release of the new program.  I apologize for this, but please remember, I am not a professional developer,
I do this as a hobby in my spare time.  I own Apex AutoSound LLC (www.apexautosound.com) shameless plug lol.  
It is remote start season for us, and therefore extremely busy.  On top of that it's holiday season, 
which adds more to the pile.  I've been up until after 1am the last few nights working on this so I can get the update out 

I also have updated the UI, which should fix the issues with Desire/Galaxy S lines of phones.  so it will be a major update 
to version 3.0  instead of a minor update.  The goal is to have the update pushed out sometime later this week.

Thanks again for your patience.

WW Calc 2.0 Bugs
Well....Unfortunately the new version of WW Calc has been plagued with a couple of sneaky bugs.

The first bug seems to be a market issue for android 1.5/1.6 users:  When updating from WW Calc 1.5,
it will show that it's been updated, but he app will dissapear from the app list.  The fix for this is to 
uninstall the app, then reinstall again fresh from the market.

The second major bug is the Daily Tracker Crashing.  This seems to happen only on some phones, comments 
in the marketplace focus around the Desire.  The fix for this is as follows:
from your home screen, go into Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > WW Calc
then select "Clear Data"
Re-Open WW Calc, select Settings and set your Region, and Daily Points Allowance before using any other features.
I have not been able to duplicate this on any of my test phones, but am working on a general solution for it.

The third bug is fairly minor, and will be fixed in a day or two:
In landscape mode, and on smaller screens, the instructions are getting cut off.  This is my fault, as all of my testing
phones, and most of my beta testers have larger screened phones, this one slipped by, but is an easy fix, and there will
be an udate soon. Until then, if you need help, email me: GivenToFly17@gmail.com for any help you might need.

Please remember, I'm not a professional, and I do not work for a software firm, I do this as a hobby.  
There will be bugs, and I will do my best to fix them.

WW Calc 2.0 has been released!!

Look for it in the android Marketplace
New Features include:
Daily Points Tracker!!!! (so many requests)
UK Support for kiloCalories
Fixed the UI for more screen compatability.

Overall, this is a huge improvement over the previous v1.5 in many ways. Now to begin work on 
my other projects.

WW Calc 2.0 coming soon!!

After recieving many requests for various features, I've decided to overhaul WW Calc, and WW Calc Plus
to a new version.  I have started rebuilding the UI which should look better on newer larger screens first.
I may roll this out as v1.4 first to test.  Some other plans for 2.0 include:
-UK support for kilojoules
-Large Screen support
-Tracker (possibly)
-Food lookup (possibly)
-Customizable backrounds
-Better Keyboard Support
-Better Landscape Support
The Activity Points Calcuator included in the Plus version will remain in Beta for the time being, 
as I have not had the time to refine it.  I will still only be including it in the plus version for now.
I am trying to have 2.0 out on the marketplace by this fall.
Since this is being rebuilt from scratch, I will need some beta testers.  If you are interested,
email me at GivenToFly17@gmail.com with your phone model to be added to the beta tester list.


Weight Watchers Points Calculator v1.3.1

With this app, you can calculate your Weight Watchers Points without having
to carry around the slide chart.  This app is FREE, and is available for Android
in the Android Market.

**WW Calc change log**
v1.4   -Added support for Decimal Values (Auto-Rounds up as per Weight Watchers Instructions)
         -Changed look of input keyboard (phone model dependent)
         -Fixed a Force Close issue when an input is left blank in landscape mode

v1.3.1 -Minor bug fix

v1.3    -Added Some Color

v1.2    -Fixed accuracy issue
          -Nicer icon

v1.1    -Fixed issue with soft keyboard not dissapearing
          -Locked view to portrait

v1       -Initial Release