The magic of colors and makeup

Do the words Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick, and Rouge strike a chord? Which teenage girl or woman is not familiar with these words? Almost all women use some kind of makeup on a daily basis. Accepted, there might be a rare few who do not wear makeup on a regular basis. But it’s for sure that they at least use it for special occasions or events. For most of us, life without makeup would be quite drab. It’s very much a part and parcel of a woman’s life. There won’t be a single lady out there who is not familiar with the brands like Mac, Maybelline, Revlon, Estee Lauder. Makeup for women is not only a want. It has become a need and necessity.

Makeup is generally made from a mixture of chemical compounds or synthetics. However, those who are ecologically cautious and do not care for synthetic stuff are also turning towards purely natural compounds. For example, products these days are made with a base of Coconut Oil, Castor Oil or Aloe Vera, or different kinds of mud bases. Such products are usually harmless being totally natural.

History of Makeup

Makeup has been used from time immemorial. Almost five thousand years back, Sumerian men and women have known to have used lipstick. They used to crush gemstones and apply it. Egyptians were known to use some dyes. Kohl was supposed to have a protective effect for eyes. A pearlescent substance found in fish scales was used to bring shimmering effects. However, it wasn’t always hunky dory. In the 18th century, there were several cases of lead poisoning. This was due to the usage of red and white lead makeup or powder. There was also a time in the 19th Century when, Queen Victoria considered makeup as vulgar and improper. L’Oreal was started in the year 1909 by Eugene Schueller. It still is one of the most largest and popular cosmetic companies.

Makeup for Men

Although, makeup is usually and traditionally used by women; these days, men are not a stranger to the idea. Thanks to the internet and online shopping, many men have also started using such products. Concealer is a favorite among men these days. Owing to this most cosmetic companies have now started catering to men’s needs and are bringing out specific products for men.


Makeup products are now mostly available through dedicated online retailers who have been recently joined by well known and reputable outlets. This includes chief department stores as well as conventional beauty retailers.

Now, there are several sites which also give out free makeup samples. Most women who are regular online ladybugs are familiar with this idea and know how to get free makeup. These sites expect us to register with our basic details. In return we are expected to participate in surveys and offers which are given by the advertisers and sponsors of the site. In return we earn points, accumulate them and accordingly win free products. We could really benefit from some genuine sites. 

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