Welcome to All Things Dog Blog:

All Things Dog Blog's giveaways, drawings, and contests have become quite popular. With that popularity have come a few bumps in the road. Nothing that clear communication can't fix, so here are the rules that guide my events:

  1. Purchases: There is no purchase required to enter unless specifically stated in the blog post regarding a particular event. 
  2. Pricing Discussion: With regard to product reviews, I rarely discuss price issues or comparisons. Every product and manufacturer uses varied qualities of material and evaluating these would add another dimension to a review. My goal is to share the features of the specific product under scrutiny, not to compare it to other brands. This includes price. Plenty of links will be available throughout a review post, that will allow you to check price information for the product if you wish to purchase it.
  3. Chances of winning: Most of my giveaways are associated with a product review or promotional handout. These are done by drawing from Random.org. Some use a Rafflecopter entry form, while others may simply give instructions for entry in the bottom of the post, via blog comment. In either case, it is a game of chance. Theoretically, the more frequently you enter, the better your chances. 
  4. Contest judging: An occasional giveaway will include a game where the reader must offer a correct answer, find an item on the website, or offer the best photo, as judged by a person or persons identified in the announcement post. This judge may be a group as opposed to an individual, and there may be some privacy in their identification to protect them from complaints. The judges' decisions are final.
  5. Number of entries allowed: Occasionally, a giveaway will allow only one entry per person. This is rare, but please do read the comments in the post for specifics such as this.
  6. More on number of entries: Most of my giveaways involve one or two mandatory actions for entry. Beyond that you may be offered extra credit entries. These are your choice, but are not required to win. Winners have come from those entries where only one entry was submitted, so luck can sometimes be on your side.
  7. Entry eligibility by location of entrant: My giveaways are almost always open to the entire contiguous United States. If not, this will be clearly stated in the post. Many are also available to Canadian entries, with the exception of Quebec. Unfortunately, Quebec's laws preclude my offering giveaways there. I appreciate your understanding. I do not make their laws; I simply try to abide by them, and unfortunately I cannot meet their requirements.
  8. Anonymity vs. Contact method: My events are promoted and advertised at numerous locations around the Internet, including other blogs and websites that help promote such opportunities. Twitter and Facebook will no doubt bear evidence of your entry, even if only by link to our post where you have entered. If you prefer anonymity, you'll need to consider this when determining whether to enter. I MUST have a method of contact in order to name you as the winner. A valid contact can include an active email address, a Twitter handle, or a blog URL where comments are enabled. I am strictly forbidden to contact you about a contest win via Facebook, per their rules.
  9. Giveaway/Prize/Contest photo postings: More on Facebook--In an effort to support my enthusiastic readers' interest in sending photos with captions relating to specific giveaways, I must ask that you send these directly to my  reader email at AllThingsDogBlog@gmail.com for posting by me only. I will be happy to post your photos involving giveaways on my page. If you wish to attach these photos to tweets sent out to your Twitter followers, at this time I see no reason for concern with this. However, photos meant for me to post to Facebook must be sent to my email.  With regard to photos submitted specifically for the Super Dog Sunday Photo Contest, these images must be submitted to EventBarkers@gmail.com to be considered.
  10. General photo posting on Facebook: Photos of a general nature, where no prize is involved, may be posted by you. In fact, I encourage you to share pics of your pups as often as you wish. Be sure to share your dog's name as we all enjoy chattering about how cute your pups are.
  11. Sponsor contact information: The contact information for the sponsor of each giveaway related to a product review or general promotional handout will be available through links to their respective websites on the blog posts referencing these promotional events. This may come in the form of a website URL, a contact form, a Facebook page or a Twitter handle. I will not provide specific contact names and phone numbers for obvious privacy reasons. I give my readers the same courtesy--privacy and the expectation that you will not receive phone calls as a result of participation. One exception to this is in the event of a shipping carrier's need to contact you about delivery.
  12. Privacy: Your privacy is important to me, as I know that I consider it important when I choose to participate in events. I will not disclose your address or phone number, when required from our shipper, to anyone except those involved in shipping your prize. Your email will also not be shared or sold. You can read more at my privacy policy and disclaimer.
  13. Event Dates and Times: All giveaways have a specific beginning and ending date and time. In fairness to all entrants, entries posted or mailed to me, when appropriate, after the deadline, will be considered void even if they appear in the comments section of the post. Date and time stamps will be the gauge for this rule. The validity of all times and dates will be judged based on Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to check the dates and times for each event before entering. Note that the Rafflecopter entry widget is a big help with this concern.
  14. Facebook: When events involve a Facebook entry by the entrant, please note that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Facebook. A third party app will be used in these instances.
  15. Winners' name announcements: By entering a contest or giveaway on All Things Dog Blog, your name or alias represents your explicit permission to use the provided name, alias, or your pet's name, if provided, in announcing winners.
  16. Photo submission legalities: Photos submitted by readers may not include a human face, unless in the far background and unrecognizable. On rare occasions I may go through the legalities of getting permission to publish a person's image on the blog, but generally what you see is a family photo, or is provided by a photo service that has handled this legality and provided the photo to me. 
  17. Photos of Pets guidelines: All Things Dog Blog is a pet-loving site and in such we reserve the right to disallow any photo that demonstrates what we deem to cause discomfort or danger to the pet in a photo submitted here. Your submission does not guarantee that the photo will be used. By submitting your photo you agree to allow us to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works of, and otherwise use the material throughout our site or on any network in any form and on any media. You agree to indemnify AllThingsDogBlog.com and any event partners for all damages and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material.
  18. Permission to use photo submissions: Any method of photo submission to a site or email owned by All Things Dog Blog represents your explicit permission for All Things Dog Blog or its licensees to use said photo, whether or not this photo is part of an entry for a giveaway or promotional prize. This includes posting a photo on my Facebook page, sending a photo to my Twitter account, and emailing a photo to AllThingsDogBlog@gmail.com, CarrieLeaJohnson@gmail.com, EventBarkers@gmail.com or LetsAdoptaDogPark@gmail.com. Any other form of photo submission initiated by you is included here as well. Your photo submission must include your name as well as your pet's. Note that Twitter submissions are likely to be missed. Email is far preferable.
  19. Reader photo copyright acknowlegement: When using readers' photos submitted to me or All Things Dog Blog, your initials, if available, will be offered as your copyright on file (Example: c.b., reader copyright on file), as a privacy courtesy to you. If you prefer another copyright acknowledgement, please specify this when you submit the photo.
  20. Minimum age for entry: You must be 18 years of age or older to enter an All Things Dog Blog giveaway or event that involves a prize. Additionally, no employees of the giveaway sponsor or of All Things Dog Blog are eligible for the giveaway.
  21. Shipping oversight: Shipping varies from event to event as to where the prize is coming from and who ships it. I coordinate getting your address to the appropriate shipper (vendor, pet product maker) and cannot take responsibility for what happens beyond that point. However, if your prize does not arrive, please notify me at AllThingsDogBlog@gmail.com with the specifics so that I may follow up and seek to get your prize to you.  
  22. Lost prize shipments: Please note that when the prize is shipped by me, and is under a value of $100, I do not insure arrival and cannot replace the prize. In many of these cases, prizes were handed off to me at a product show or blogging conference, and replacement prizes are not available.  Products above a $100 value will be insured and your recourse for reimbursement will be with the carrier. Please understand that I cannot provide you with cost validation in the form of a receipt or invoice. I generally use USPS unless UPS is called for in a particular instance.
  23. Void where prohibited by law: All giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and other events that involve free products are void where prohibited by law. No prizes of any kind can be shipped to Quebec.
  24. Liability Waiver: Products may be shipped from manufacturers, retailers or this blog's owner. By sending your address to request shipment of your prize, you inherently agree to waive liability for any responsibility with regard to issues with the product. All Things Dog Blog does not make the product and therefore cannot be held responsible for it's safety or efficacy as used by the recipient. We urge you to read the full instructions both in packaging and online, and encourage you to direct questions to the maker before proceeding. Further, if concerns arise, please contact your veterinarian or trainer, as needed, for additional advice.
  25. Rules modification: All Things Dog Blog reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notice.