Thesis, final projects and PhD

Thesis and final projects are available for students both of Bachelor and Master degree. PhD's will be assigned after the yearly exam

Following some topics. Some of the projects are developed together with external partners. In case of granted project (like USA projects), the thesis will be assigned upon specific requirements.
Each thesis and project can be developed in English or Italian

Bachelor's degree

 Main topicSpecific topic  External partner Location Available from
Electric VehiclesPower converter for EV's      LAI 2016
 "Electric go-kart converter  ACI Sport - FIA LAI  2016
 "Charging infrastructure: slow and fast   LAI 2016
 Power ConvertersPhotovoltaic inverters   LAI 2016
 Batteries chargers   LAI 2016
 Industrial AutomationPLC applications for electrical drives  (possible external cooperation with local companies) LAI  2016

Master degree

  Main topic  Specific topic  External partner Location Available from
 Electric Vehicles Powertrain for Electric Vehicles  ACI Sport - FIA, BAR Engineering LAI (Cassino), BAR Engineering (Milan) 2016
  Powertrain for Sport Cars ACI Sport - FIA, BAR Engineering LAI (Cassino), BAR Engineering (Milan) 2016
  e-goKart for FIA competitions ACI Sport - FIA, BAR Engineering LAI (Cassino), BAR Engineering (Milan) 2016
  High performances speed vehicles     Ohio State University - USA LAI (Cassino), Ohio State University (USA)  2016
  Smart Grid Charging infrastructures ENEA (Rome - Casaccia)LAI (Cassino), ENEA (Rome) 2016
  Ultra fast charge infrastructures  ENEA (Rome - Casaccia)LAI (Cassino), ENEA (Rome) 2016
  Smart grid power converters for power flow management Heriot-Watt University (Scotland - UK) LAI (Cassino), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) 2016 
  Wireless charging for EV's Clemson University (USA) LAI (Cassino) 2016
 Renewable Energy High performances power converters for high power PV systems Enertronica S.p.A.LAI (Cassino), Enertronica (Frosinone) 2016
  Batteries based inverter for PV systems - home applications Enertronica S.p.A.LAI (Cassino), Enertronica (Frosinone) 2016
  Multi-source converters for PV systems and energy storage Regione Lazio (G-Side Project)LAI (Cassino)  2016
 Power Converters Multilevel power converters  LAI (Cassino)  2016 
  Dead time compensation for power converters  LAI (Cassino)  2016

PhD's research topics

 TopicExternal partners Notes  Available from
 High performances hybrid and electric vehiclesBar Engineering, ACI Sport, FIA, Ohio State University  Team coordinations and FIA racing 2016
 Special power converters for charging infrastructuresENEA, Clemson University (USA), ITIC (USA)  Ultra fast-charging, wireless charging  2016