Lecture: Power Converters (Convertitori Elettronici)

The module is a theoretical and practical course on power electronics. It provides the basic elements to analyze the main characteristics of power electronic devices and converters. An experimental activity is included in the module: a project of a voltage source inverter (VSI) will be developed both theoretically and experimentally.

Ideal and real characteristics of main power devices used in power converters – Phase controlled converter: design criteria – flyback and push-pull converter – Step-down chopper: operation characteristic – Step-up chopper – Voltage source inverter: electrical circuits, desired and real operation, design criteria – Current source inverter (CSI) – Constructive problems of VSI - commutation losses: heat sink sizing – VSI voltage and current control – Space vector modulation – hysteresis current control - VSI design and practical implementation - Multilevel inverters.

Laboratory activity
During the semester, students will design and assemble a three-phases voltage source inverter and a dc-dc converter


Lecture notes (in Italian) are available in the following section. Files are protected with a password, which will be provided to students upon request.