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International Electric Vehicle Conference 2014

The IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference serves the global engineering community as a leadership platform to identify market, technology and standardization opportunities for electrified vehicles and related infrastructure. The 2014 edition has been a great success, with more than 350 participants, divided between academic and industries executives.

Keynotes of the 2014 editions:
  • Tom Cato Karlsen  (State Secretary-Ministry of Transport & Communications Norway)
  • Bert Witkamp (General Secretariat of AVERE)
  • C.C. Chan (University of Hong Kong)
  • Peter Van Manen (McLaren Vice President)
  • Julian Weber (Head of Innovation Projects E-Mobility - BMW)
  • Isbrand Ho (GM BYD)
  • Markus Seidel (BMW Motorrad)
  • Jose Fernandez Garcia (European Commission)
  • Kal Gyimesi (IBM Software Group)
  • Björn Pfeifer (Schaeffler)
  • Jae Seung Lee (Toyota Research Manager)
  • Gernot Spiegelberg (Siemens)
  • Giovanni Gaviani (Magneti Marelli)
  • Klaus Schaaf (Wolfsburg AG)
  • Jost Bernasch (Virtual Vehicle, Austria).
  • Grzegorz Ombach (Qualcomm)
  • Ashok Moghe (Cisco)
  • Konrad Woronowicz (Bombardier)

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