I've been an undergrad student at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (2000-2004) and I have been a graduate student in mathematics at Dartmouth College (2004-2010). I worked as a postdoc in a lab focused on the genetic of FSGS in Boston MA (2009-2012). I now work at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, part of the Broad Institute, in Cambridge MA (2012-2024).

New 2024-01-23: my BCFtools/liftover manuscript is out

New 2024-02-02: watch my primer about NIPT here

Contact me:

Stanley Center / Broad Institute

75 Ames St (8029-B)

Cambridge, MA 02142

primary email: giulio dot genovese at gmail dot com

work email: giulio at broadinstitute dot org

You can find a list of my publications on Google Scholar and PubMed

Most of my software is available on my GitHub page including my software for mosaic chromosomal alterations detection MoChA

You can find an outdated copy of my CV here or on ORCID and some history about my family here ;)

I also have a blog with suggestions to have fun with genetics and I occasionally do tweet

I live in Cambridge, MA together with my wife, my two daughters, and my son but other than that I like to keep my personal life private (e.g. no Facebook)

If you want to catch me on the internet then check on GOOGLE, YAHOO, or BING ;)