About me

I'm a London based data analyst focused on product analytics, experimentation and statistics. I work with SQL, R, Python and spreadsheets.

My job has three parts: 1. help people figure out what questions they need to be asking, 2. if the questions can be answered with data I'll look for answers, 3. then I explain what I found and help my stakeholders make good decisions with the information they have. Part 2 is where I explore data, build models, make fancy graphs and do much simpler maths than most people suspect, but parts 1 and 3 are just as important.

Where do I work now? Some place cool I hope. But since it took a pandemic to get me to update my website I think it is best if you check LinkedIn.

Before becoming an analyst I did a PhD in linguistics at University College London. My area of research was pragmatics, I designed and conducted experiments on how cooperative or uncooperative situations affect the inferences we make in conversation. I was so much fun that I wrote a very long thesis about it, if you can read it, it's in the research page. I also did some research on the psycholinguistics of metaphor and what makes it easy for us to retrieve the metaphorical sense of a word, but I didn't write a whole thesis about it.

Before studying in London I lived in Rome, where I was born. Which means I'm Italian and Italian is my mother tongue. Does this also mean I have strong opinions about food? Yes it does.