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  • Reply to 'Neutral tumor evolution?'​ Heide T., Zapata L., Williams M.J., Werner B., G.Caravagna, Barnes C.P., Graham T.A., Sottoriva A. Nature Genetics, 2018, doi:10.1038/s41588-018-0256-z. (debate on Neutral Evolution in cancer).
  • Evolutionary dynamics of residual disease in human glioblastoma. I.Spiteri, G.Caravagna, G.Cresswell, A.Vatsiou, D.Nichol, A.Acar, L.Ermini, K.Chkhaidze, B.Werner, R.Mair, R.Brognaro, G.Sanguinetti, S.G.M.Piccirillo , C.Watts and A.Sottoriva. Submitted.

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PHD Thesis (Computer Science)

Formal modeling and simulation of biological systems with delays. University of Pisa, 2011.