Registration will be 9:00 am to 9:30 am each day (Mon Oct 24th, Tue 25th).

You can register in the main lobby in building 43 (the information icon). The meeting space, Seville Tech Talk, is on the second floor of building 40 at the flag marker on the map. A Googler must escort you from the main lobby to the meeting room.

GitTogether '11 Map

Its up to you to get to Google each day. You may want to try and carpool with other attendees staying at nearby hotels.

When mapping driving directions you want to use 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA  as the building street address.

Parking:  Any parking that is not otherwise reserved for the disabled, expectant mothers, etc., is fair game. Help yourself. Parking in this area of campus does get crowded in the morning due to the high number of employees that work here. If no above-ground parking is available, you can also look across the street behind building 44 or near buildings 45/46/47, these areas are marked with P on the map.

Sign In:   You will need to sign in at reception in building 43 each day.

Miscellaneous Notes

Photos:   Nope. Outside only. Be good.

Recording:  Audio only, no video. Be good. Plenty of table space and power outlets will be available in the meeting room. Folks outside the US need to bring an outlet adapter/voltage converter. Please make sure to bring your laptop power supply. Unlike most Google conference rooms our meeting space does not come with built-in laptop power connectors. Even Googlers need to bring their own power supply.

Google has free wireless Internet access available everywhere on the campus ("GoogleGuest"). 802.11 wireless support is required to connect to the Internet. Hardwired LAN connections are not available in our meeting space.