Known Issues

Visual issues
  • The AccountChooser UI has not been optimized for mobile/tablet devices
Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL issues
  • You can log into Google using an email from one of these providers by clicking their button on the AddAccount page.  However if later you click the entry that is added on the AccountChooser page, you will be asked for the Google password associated with that account.  If you want to force Google to instead log you in via OpenID to see how that might work in the future, you can configure your account to opt-in to federated sign-in.
Error handling
  • If the user selects an account that uses an IDP, and the IDP asserts back a different email, we do not yet show an error, but instead log the user into the account asserted by the IDP
New accounts
  • If a new Google Account is created using an IDP, the user is still asked to provide a password that Google will associated with the account.  This will not be changed until/unless the AccountChooser is turn on for all users/browsers on Google, otherwise a user who created a passwordless account on one computer would have trouble logging into another computer which was not configured to use an AccountChooser.
Minor issues
  • On non-JS browsers it does not always cleanly fall back to the traditional login flow
  • Only 6 accounts can be added to the account chooser list