Useful Software Tools

Useful Software Tools

Software Tools that Simplify My Life 

The following is a listing of tools that I have personally found very useful. Some are freeware others are open source yet others are free for non-commercial use.

System Tools and Hardware Control

  • Virtual CloneDrive is used to mount ISO and several other images in virtual drives. No need to transfer onto a DVD.
  • NASM (Netwide Assembler)  is an assembly programming tool available for various operating systems including Windows.

Open Hardware Tools

  • ModKit: An unusual browser-based tool for programming the ArduinoSeeeduino and other compatible micro-controllers. Make controller is in the same league as Arduino but supposedly better ( and more expensive).

System Maintenance:

  • Auslogics Disk Defrag - defragments your hard disk while you work.
  • 7-Zip: An excellent file compression and decompression utility. Understands all major compression algorithms

Free PDF Reader

Security, Software Protection, Anti-Virus and Malware:

  • AVAST Home Edition - Free for-home-use antivirus. Read carefully about registration.
  • XoftSpySE - a free spyware+ scanner tool
  • WinGuard Pro 2007 - Secure your computer by Password protecting your Windows applications, programs and EXE files. Plus encryption for your files, folders and drives.Extra features allow you to disable Task Keys, Software Installation, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Downloading Files, Zip and Self Extracting Files and the Boot Keys (F8).
  • Spyware Doctor: Free anti spyware tool but watch out! It does not like slow PCs - it seems to slow down the PC quite a bit.

Database Tools:

  • MySQL Server: Powerful, clusterable database server
  • PostgreSQL database server: Another powerful free database sever.

Web Programming Tools

  • Apache Server - The most popular web server in the world - all free.
  • Apache Tomcat Server : A free Javabeans container for the Java gurus.
  • PHP: The most popular web programming tool. Powerful, easy to learn.
  • Ruby: The new kid on the block. A relatively new programming language with powerful web programming extensions (see Ruby on Rails)
  • Python: Yet another powerful programming language. Used to create the famous Content Management Server called Plone.
  • Javascript: A tool to create dynamic effects on web pages. It comes as part of your browser. This link directs you to my favorite browser - Firefox.
  • Perl: A popular web programming language
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools (free Express Edition versions) - See the Visual Web Developer.

Desktop Application Tools


Network Development Tools

SMS Tools

Network Analysis and Optimization

  • CableNut - Free tool to optimise your TCP/IP network

  • Wireshark - Free network packet analyser. A must for network analysis

MultiMedia Tools

  • Debut Video Capture (and recording) Software that can record from your screen. This comes with a host of free tools that need to be seen to be believed. Just what the doctor ordered for teacher who likes using their computer to teach. Some tools allow you to broadcast your screen output to everyone so you do not need to use an LCD monitor. Yes, even your voice can go out so theoretically, you can run a class across campuses and even countries by mounting a camera and offering two video streams (monitor for demos and camera for speech and visual)
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is a tool for streaming live video and audio via the Internet.