What I am About 

God First 

First things first: I worship Yahweh whose son is called Jesus Christ or YAHUSHUA. Why? Because He called me while in a strange land. He found me in the wilderness and showed me the way out of a meaningless life of darkness and trouble. Secondly, He never lets me down. He's always there. But you say: how do I know He's there? You can't see Him! I say, can you see a TV signal? No you can't but it's there. The TV set can detect the signal. Conclusion: just because you can't see something does not mean it's not there. No one has ever seen your mind but do you doubt that you have one? Where is it located? In your head? In your legs? Who are you anyway? As a human being you were born to be a priest of Yahweh, to be a steward in charge of God's Kingdom on earth. You influence the affairs of this world through your spiritual activities (or lack of them). Without an understanding of the nature of God's kingdom and that of kingdom of evil, it is difficult to make sense of the world.

Update: Since my encounter with the prophet of the LORD, things have changed quite a bit. I got to know a little more about who God truly is and what he desires of us. He is holy and, we must be holy if we hope to see the LORD. He desires obedience and humility and perfection. He has no time for sloppiness and half-measures.

The Holy Spirit is constantly with use. He is our guide and our teacher. He directs our minds and our souls and keeps us out of trouble if we only learn to hear Him. [14th Dec. 2010].

I am now a shepherd of the sheep by direction of the LORD. A teacher of the word through His commissioning. A servant of the LORD by choice. It is an eternal covenant. YAHUSHUA has no time for temporary arrangements. 

My Interests

I am a teacher by circumstance, not by birth. My mission is to provide people with the right tools to attain their goals. I believe the best form of teaching is mentoring. However, it is also the most difficult, the most expensive and the most risky instructional enterprise.  It is difficult because it involves sharing your life with someone else. It is expensive because it takes loads of your time. It is risky because you expose your underbelly to your mentoree (?)

Specific Areas of Interest

Computing and Networking. Entrepreneurship. Engineering. Innovation. Instructional Methods and Strategies. I have a particular interest in young people whose health will determine the long term health of our world. I am particularly interested in young women who are the first teachers of a young child. They are the values-givers, the nurturers, the future mothers of the nations.

My Activities

I spent most of my time teaching but plan to spend more time researching, innovating, and creating enterprises.

And now, I spend a good amount of time in the LORD's work. Day and night serving His sheep; praying and fasting. How blessed it is to serve the Mighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

What I Teach

Computer networks. Data Communications. Wireless LANS. Cisco Networking Academy CCNA and IT Essentials. Web application development. Programming principles.  Entrepreneurship. Research Methods. Software Engineering.

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