Who We Are

The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) is a council of Senior Level Government Executives organized to support the delivery of high quality and cost-effective Information Technology (IT) services to their customers.  Current information on the GITEC Mission, Membership Board of Directors, Charter, Publications, Awards, and other pertinent areas are located throughout this web site.

The Council was established in response to a June 28, 1966 White House memorandum to provide a forum and avenues through which Senior Level Government and Industry Executives could share and collaborate in an open forum on Information Technology (IT) ideas, challenges, and successes. GITEC has organized and structured an impressive array of initiatives to focus on vital and timely issues affecting the direction and future of IT, including executive seminars, workgroups,summits, committees, and for 25 years GITEC hosted the annual Information Processing Interagency Conference.

Beginning with the 25th anniversary in 2009, GITEC changed its focus to reflect a new era for IT professionals and a new Administration.  In March of 2010 GITEC hosted its first "GITEC Summit". The GITEC 2010 Summit proved to be a huge success and recieved many praises for the new format.   The GITEC 2011 Summit will be held in Orlando, Florida, March 6-9, 2011. This year’s conference will continue to theme is “IT Innovation Solving Complex Business Challenges." The conference will continue the transformation begun in 2010 and renew GITEC's focus on bringing together IT executives, leaders and managers from across the federal government and industry.

The GITEC 2011 Summit will be a most unique event tailored to provide a senior level executive forum for our IT leaders to share areas of mutual interest and concern. In addition to an extraordinary agenda, a Technology Showcase of Exhibits will be carefully selected from an impressive array of leading edge technology companies.

As the premier IT executive conference, the GITEC Summit will ensure an environment that fosters invited conversation and comfortable networking. GITEC Summit, as did past IPIC, attendees represent senior-level executives from key government agencies and an impressive group of Fortune 500 IT companies.

The emphasis on executive importance, event excellence, outstanding venue, quality, and value distinguishes IPIC from all other IT-related events.