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Board of Directors

Board Officers
Joe Klimavicz
John Sullivan
Vice President
Adriane Burton
First Vice President
Mark Hamilton
Board Members
Dave Bowen
Judith Oxman
Gail Scavongelli
Dipti Singh
Ray Wong
Joanne Woytek
Dave Zeppieri
Duties of the Board
The President schedules and presides at all Board meetings and any business meeting of the Council. The President appoints the Board Secretary and members to Standing and ad hoc Committees of the Council.
The Vice President assists the President and is the host for the Annual Conference (IPIC) and the conference agenda and budget.
The First Vice-President Elect serves as the Editor of GITEC’s annual publication, A View to the Future. This publication is available in both hard and soft copy formats during the annual Information Processing Interagency Conference.
The Second Vice President Elect serves as the Content Manager for the GITEC Web Site.
The Immediate Past President is a voting member of the Board and serves as the senior advisor to the President, as well as chairing the standing Nominating Committee. The Immediate Past President is responsible for developing a slate of candidates for the Board membership presented at the Annual Meeting.
The Secretary, appointed by the President, prepares and distributes notices of all meetings of the Board and the Council and ensures that the proceedings of said meetings are properly recorded and distributed.
The Secretary also prepares Council correspondence as requested by the President and Board members.
The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds received by the Council and maintains accurate records of all financial transactions.