Welcome to the entry point for GITA's collaborative Internet services. You must have a @gita.org email address in order to access this GITA system.  Access is granted by the GITA Board of Directors and/or Committee Chairs as deemed appropriate.
  • When logging into your account on the login module that opens via the link to the left, enter your full GITA email address for your identification. 
  • If you are already logged into a non-GITA Google account (personal or another corporate Google account name will appear in the upper right corner of this screen), you will need to do one of two things before logging into GITA Net so that Google "sees you" as an authorized GITA Net user. Otherwise, you will be sent to a screen that says: "You need permission".
    1. Add your GITA Net authorized account to your current Google account.
      1. Click this link
      2. As appropriate and desired - enter your user name and password
        1. In the display that appears,
        2. After choosing "Add account" to link your new Google account to a pre-existing account, or 
        3. Select your GITA Net account from the picklist
      3. You will now be logged in
    2. Signout from your unauthorized account.  
      1. Go to the Google landing page (https://www.google.com/)
      2. Look for your Google account identification symbol in the upper right corner of the page, just below the menu bar.  It is usually a round circle to the far right of that line. 
      3. Left click on the symbol
      4. Left click on "Sign out" in the status box that opens 
      5. Then click the blue "Sign in" box that appears and enter your user name and password
      6. Now Login 
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