Welcome to GIST CAM (Climate Analysis and Modeling) Lab 
(기후분석 & 모델링 실험실)

Jin-Ho Yoon, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering (SESE)
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Our group - Climate Analysis and Modeling (CAM) Laboratory wants to understand how Earth Climate System has been working so far and is going to change in the coming years. 

I have a broad research interest in climate variability and change in various spatial and temporal scales with a focus on evaluating its impact on natural and human systems. During my graduate works, I heavily engaged in diagnostic analysis using observation, reanalysis, and climate model outputs. During my postdoc era, I move further into Earth System Model and climate change impact research. Currently, I’m heavily engaging development and application of Earth System Model on variety of problems. I'd like to use both diagnostic analysis and modeling as a corroborative tool in such a way that what we observe or have observed can be dynamically and physically explained by Earth System Model or physical/dynamical principles. Also, physical climate, ecosystem, and human system have to be understood as a whole, not only in the area of global warming, but also in a more broad perspective. In the near future, I'd like to research how human being can be incorporated into Earth System Model as both an active and a passive player.    

Postal Address:
123 Cheomdan Gwagi-Ro, Buk Gu, Gwangju, 61005, Korea

email: yjinho@gist.ac.kr 
Tel: +82 62 715 2464
Fax: +82 62 715 2434

1. I was appointed as an 'Associate Editor' for Journal of Climate, published by the American Meteorological Society. 

3. Extreme fire season over California (Continued...)

4. A long waited book on climate extremes (edited by my colleagues and myself) is on its way for production! 

Opportunities of graduate study and postdoctoral research
We are currently recruiting all levels of undergraduate/graduate interns, MS, Ph.D students, researchers and postdoctoral researchers.  If you are interested in, please contact me through email (yjinho@gist.ac.kr).