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Welcome to Biocomputing Lab.

BioComputing Lab. is working on bio-signals which can be measured from human body. With recent high-tech measurement devices, the mathematical and physical analysis of these signal has been available and some imaging method have been developed such as MRI/fMRI/PET/CT. BioComputing Lab. mainly uses EEG(Electro-encephalogram) / MEG(Magneto-encephalography). This area can help human with better body-inside image and brain function infomation.

Below is about currently working area in BioComputing Lab.

Brain Computer Interface

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is one part of the Human Computer Interface. Using this it becomes connectivity between computers and humans become possible. 

This is especially important in people who have severe physical problems that impede movement. 

Cortical Stimulation

The final goal is to understand the mechanism on how brain functionality is working and changing for the injected current stimulation
This is very useful to develop the best reasonable brain cortical stimulation technique.

Source Localization 

MEG/EEG source localization is to estimate current source in the brain from MEG/EEG measurements. 

Source localization methods may help to determine the regions of the brain where the spikes are generated. 

Moreover, as opposed to other imaging modalities (such as fMRI and PET), EEG or MEG data are the only direct measurements of neuronal activity. 


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