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Rigor and Creativity in Ethnographic research (Oct. 28th, 2011)

October 28th, 2011

Workshop description

In this workshop, we will explore the connected practices of rigor and  creativity in ethnographic research. With a few guided activities and plenty of open discussion, we will think through issues surrounding research approach and reflexivity, visual and tactile ethnographic materials, and the capacity of ethnographic text. 


We are very flexible and open to the interests of  workshop attendees. Please come prepared to discuss your project or ideas with others in the group. ~ Scott Warren & Katelyn Parady

If interested please RSVP to

Photo by Scott Warren                                                                        Photo by Katelyn Parady

The historical geography of Scott Warren can be traced from California to Nevada to Montana to the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.
In the continental venn diagram of cultural convergence that is the borderlands, where the American West and the Mexican Norte
come together, he explores land and life.  Plus, he is a 3rd year PhD student in the School of Geographical Sci­ences and Urban Planning.

Photo by K. Benessaiah

A 3rd year SHESC PhD student and IGERT in Urban Ecology Fellow, Kate­lyn is currently building an ethnographic project on parallel chemical imagi­naries

in federal toxicology labs and the historic barrios of Central South Phoenix. She is interested in the methods of multi-sited ethnography and in ways to

twine creativity and rigor together in research. She came to Phoenix via her home state of Wyoming.