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Leadership & Facilitation skills workshop (Oct 12th, 2011)

Workshop description:

This workshop will provide hands on, practical skills for leading groups and meetings in a way that promotes inclusion and diversity. We will focus on building effective facilitation skills, which are useful for: teaching, social research, project management, group meetings, public issue deliberations, and more. This workshop is interactive, flexible based on the participants' interests, and open to everyone.

 Marci Baranski is a PhD student in Biology and Society. She has 5 years of leadership experience in organizing campus, regional and national student environmental groups, and has training in moderating public deliberations. Marci has led numerous workshops on supporting women's leadership in environmentalism. 

 Visit her website or blog to know more about Marci. 

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  "I gave this workshop in order to help people become more self-aware and inclusive leaders.

We also discussed the specific skills of facilitating a group, for example an interdisciplinary project

or leading a classroom in discussion. I was really pleased with the excitement, engagement, and

unique experiences that everyone brought to the table."

Marci Baranski, Biology & Society, Life Sciences

I thoroughly enjoyed the GISER Facilitation and Leadership workshop conducted by Marci Baranski last night.

Marci supported our group through many wonderful discussions which provided ideas and direction that I was

immediately able to act upon the next day. Thank you again for hosting such an informative event.”

Chris Deaton, MLST and UTO

Sustainability Science seminar, team building :)

From left to right: Chad Monfreda, Christina Wong,

Karina Benessaiah, Marci Baranski and Arijit Guha