List of skill-sharing workshops 

1. Social network analysis workshop with Karina Benessaiah
This first workshop focused on sharing experiences regarding social network analysis as a concept and a methodology

2. Portrait photogra
phy workshop with Lara Shipley
The workshop emphasized the use of natural-light in photography. Participants were able to experiment with their own             photos.

3. Leadership & Facilitation workshop with Marci Baranski

In this workshop, participants discussed the specific skills for facilitating a group, especially in an interdisciplinary context        or when leading a classroom in discussion. The aim was to help people become more self-reflective and inclusive leaders

4. Rigor and Creativity in Ethnographic research with Katelyn Parady & Scott Warren

This workshop reunited people interested in exploring the connected practices of rigor and creativity in ethnographic research

5.  Hidden gems of ArcPublisher and ArcScene with Joanna Merson
  New workshop coming up. This workshop aims to help people easily improve their map making skills using two relatively accessible tools (ArcPublisher and ArcScene).

R is one of the most widely used free software environments for statistical computing and graphics. This workshop provides a first foray into R to enable you to continue the discovery on your own. 

This workshop provides a first foray into issues of research design (measurement and implementation) to help graduate students in their own research.

karina Benessaiah,
Nov 9, 2011, 5:32 PM