Laughter may be the best medicine, but song runs a very close second.

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, we are able to offer  clients the benefits of live music.

 This takes the form of a group singing session every Tuesday afternoon, with clients taking turns to request a number from our practised repertoire of close to 200 songs.   Guitar accompaniment is provided each session by   clients-turned-volunteers Cheryl and Raylene,  and  supervisor Jode. 

We are very grateful to local folk musicians, Brendon and Elenor Gill, for the time and expertise they so willingly gave to get our live music programme up and running.  Brendon  supplied us not onlywith lyrics and chords for our favourite songs, but also with  weekly guitar lessons to improve our volunteer musicians' technique and knowledge of musical theory.  Once they had the necessary skills and self confidence to carry on without him, Brendon stepped aside and left the Stewart Centre guitarists to get on with it.  As well as turning up with their guitars at the Stewart Centre every week, Cheryl and Raylene are now regular performers for clients of other  disability organisations in Gisborne.

Clients and staff alike, thoroughly enjoy their Tuesday afternoon sing-song.  What we may lack in musical talent we certainly make up for in enthusiasm.