This site as part of my GIS project tries to map to arrows and beacons used for navigation by the air mail pilots in the 1930s.

Navigation presented problems for early aviators. They had no GPS, no radio frequency aids. As flights were able to cover more distance, the need for reliable navigation was obvious. After all, the mail must get through. One of the first attempts at navigation involved setting huge bonfires next to landing strips to help guide pilots. This idea proved very impractical. Another idea involved the construction of large cement arrows and towers to help the pilots find their way from point to point. These were placed about ten miles apart. In the 1960’s many of the cement arrows and the towers were dismantled. However some were either too much of a pain to get to or were missed and are still in existence today. 

Light Line Construction at Woodruff, Idaho

This is an arrow in Low, Utah, it points to the arrow below. This is an arrow that remains in Utah right along the Great Salt Lake.

Click here for an interactive map of some of the arrows in the intermountain west.

Seneca Francis,
Apr 16, 2012, 8:49 PM