So... what is the MCR?
MCR stands for "Middle Common Room" (or sometimes "Middle Combination Room") and is the name for the body of graduate students at Girton College.  This includes PhDs, MPhils, LLMs and MBAs along with all other students studying postgraduate courses.  The MCR organises social events and represents postgraduate's concerns to the college.  The MCR also has a room in Wolfson Court.

What will I be doing in my first two weeks?

The first two weeks are full of events organized by the MCR designed for all graduate students to get to know one another. In the past these have included pub crawls, meals-out, bowling trips and movie nights. Whether you live in Wolfson Court or in private accommodation, these first two weeks are the perfect opportunity to meet other graduates from Girton and are, more often than not, where many of your closest friendships during your time in Cambridge will form. So get involved!

What exactly is 'Formal Hall'?

Formal Hall is a 3-course formal meal set in the main dining hall of Girton College itself. All undergraduates, graduates and fellows are permitted to attend.Graduates are usually permitted to bring guests though guests pay a higher price to attend. This year, the charge for attendance is £7.50 for graduates and £10 for their guests. It is held on Thursdays of most weeks during term time. There is a dress code that must be adhered to which is as follows: Men must wear a lounge or dinner suit (that means a regular suit or tuxedo to many of us); Women must wear a gown and cocktail or evening dress. Each term there is one formal hall specifically for graduates and these tend to be well attended by the graduates and fellows so don't miss out!
Drinks are usually served for graduates and fellows before and after dinner. The after dinner drinks are organized by the MCR food and drinks officer(s) and generally consist of tea, coffee, port and occasionally whiskey and cream liqueur. If, however, you have any suggestions or comments on what gets served, contact us! (mcr-meals@girton.cam.ac.uk)

What is the MCR room for?

Located in Wolfson Court, the MCR room is for the recreational use of all the graduate students. Any graduate student with a working student card can gain access. This consists of PhD students, MPhil students and undergraduates who have completed 3 or more years of undergraduate studies. It is, quite simply, a place for graduate students to socialise, relax and congregate. There is a foosball table, couches, a selection of non-academic reading material as well as some videos, board games and DVDs. The MCR is very lucky to have a fully working projector hooked up to a Nintendo Wii for use by all graduate students. There are also regular film nights which utilize the projector.

How do I do laundry?

Wolfson Court: There is a laundry room with 3 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers located near the front entrance of the grounds. Coming in from the front entrance, turn right and proceed past the porters lodge and graduate secretary offices, through a set of doors and it is located to your left. The machines are operated by coins purchasable from the porters lodge. A washing token costs £1.50. A drying token costs £0.60 and, generally, two of these are required for complete drying. Students must provide their own washing powder/tablets.

Park Parade & Huntingdon Road:  There is a washing machine in the kitchen available for all the residents to use.  Using the machine is free but students need to bring their own washing powder/tablets.  There is no drying machine.

Whats the quickest way to the city centre?

Many students will have lectures and errands to run in the city centre and the quickest route to the centre of town (on foot or bike) is not obvious to everyone upon arrival. 

From Wolfson Court: Turn left to get to Grange Road and then turn right. Proceed down Grange road to a set of traffic lights. Here there is a foot/bike path located to the left. Take this path and turn left when it joins on to another path. This path takes you to Queens road. From here you can cross the road onto another footpath which takes you over the river Cam and joins up with road outside Trinity Hall College. Turn right onto this road and then left onto a pedestrian walkway to get to Kings Parade - the centre of Cambridge!

From Huntingdon Road: This is more simple. Stay on Huntingdon Road heading towards town. Follow the road all the way down the hill, past Magdalene College (Pronounced Maw-de-lin), over the bridge and at the second roundabout turn right. Cycle past St John's College and Trinity College and go straight until you arrive at the Senate House (you will see it on your right). From there you can either turn left towards Market Square or go straight to King's Parade, where King's, St Catherine's and Corpus Christi Colleges are. 

How do I sync the MCR Calendar with my GMail/other accounts?

Hi Alistair.... this might be a good thing to let people know.  I managed to get it to work (just...) but I think a quick "how to..." guide would make it a lot easier.  I don't know what other sort of calendars people use but maybe a compatability thing could be useful too...