About Us

We are a bunch of friendly players coming together to play netball for a bit of fun.

We play on Monday evenings from 6:20-7:30pm. We start at 6:20pm with warm ups and some basic drills. We then have a coach coming between 6:30-7:30pm who coaches us in various areas of the game such as defending, spacial awareness and shooting.


We play on the tennis courts at the Girton Recreation Ground, Cambridge, UK.

Tennis courts, Girton Recreation Ground

What does it cost?
We charge £5 a session per person to cover the cost of the coach and the court. 

Want to join us?

We welcome any players of any ability in Girton or the surrounding villages! If you wish to join, please send us an email at: girton.village.netball@gmail.com

We have a Facebook page.

Covid -19 Restart Guidelines