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The Guardian 16th March 08,  Another bit of Cambridge, England, in the iPhone click here
3rd March 2008, Apple  Inc. have bought Williams' patent U.S. Patent 6,956,564 screen (sensing  technology) for an undisclosed amount from British Telecom.  This is a 1997 patent for sensing technology as originally invented by Williams for a handheld computer called SmartQuill, similar technology now used in the Apple  iPhone and iPod Touch. 
This 1997 patent covers
  •  invention of a pen shaped handheld computer with mobile phone
  •  audio record and playblack
  • visual voice mail to alphanumeric message
  • motion control of computer function e.g. by optical or other sensors
  • no keyboard  entirely  soft switches
  • calendar and contact  functions 
  • a touch scroll strip for screen navigation
  • gravity operated (accelerometer) scrolling screen
  • FLASH memory
  • gesture control
  • human proximity sensor
  • power management using sensors
  • docking port 
  • capture of handwriting
Williams re-assigned  the patent in 2008 for an undisclosed amount.  Click  here for  the SmartQuill patent and images .
SmartQuill history  here
 SmartQuill computer with gravity operated screen 1997