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SenseCam invented by Lyndsay Williams for Microsoft Research Cambridge

SenseCam concept and prototype from Williams, 1999



 SenseCam Archives
SenseCam in the News here
New 15th Feb 2008,  Lyndsay's SenseCam name published as a TradeMark as here  by Microsoft.
 Research by Emma Berry of Microsoft Research, SenseCam invented by Lyndsay Williams

Daily Express, SenseCam "Breakthrough on Alzheimer's" 11th December current article 
 here and archived  here
Report in The Star Ledger (New Jersey) 11th Dec 2007 on Williams' work with SenseCam,  Alzheimer's, Apple iPhone and global warming  here

Williams is responsible for inventing  Microsoft's  Sensecam , NEW November 27th 2007: click here . Click here to read about SenseCam and  here .
In 2004, Lyndsay Williams patented the SenseCam  computer to  help people with memory problems
and Alzheimer's, see patent   here    The results of the Alzheimer's disease trials  initiated by lead researcher Lyndsay Williams ( click here ) and research by Emma Berry of Microsoft Research Cambridge have just been released:
"An initial trial with 20 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss has given spectacular results"   SenseCam in the  Financial Times  28th Nov 2007 archived here
SenseCam video - by Lyndsay Williams
I was cycling from Girton, up Huntingon Road, Cambridge to Madingley Road. The ride ends at Microsoft Research Cambridge. In real time the cycling took approx 15 mins, compressed with SenseCam to around 1 minute.
SenseCam  Alzheimer's story on BBC TV News 30th November 2007


SenseCam Infrared  image of King College Cambridge


above search results 3rd Feb 2008

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