SenseBub Images

Hardware design notes  27 My 08


Hardware notes



SenseBulb prototype with GSM modem 25th May 08



SenseBulb test on kitchen ceiling 1 March 08


SenseBulb on Kitchen ceiling  Closeup 1 March 08

SenseBulb quad sensor test results


SenseBulb 3D CAD View pcb 16/3/08





blue is prefered angle of 90 degrees, Melexis sensor is 35 degrees, so use 2x2 array 70 x 70 D

7th March 08, SenseBulb, High intensity target leds


7 March 08: SenseBulb night light mode. Only 4 high intensity red leds use, each only using 120mW


More on SenseBulb here



60 WHITE led bulb from eBay

60 White leds , 1 bridge rectifier, 2 capacitors, 3 resistors