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SenseSurface July 14th 2008
 The Guardian An LCD screen, with knobs on
Engadget SenseSurface sticks knobs onto screens, turns virtual controls physical
Make Sensesurface adds real knobs to your monitor
FutureMusic Lyndsay Williams’ SenseSurface Demonstrates The Future Of Computer Interfaces here
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The Guardian 16th March 08,  Another bit of Cambridge, England, in the iPhone click here
PC Advisor, March 6th 2008, , Apple buys iPhone patent from BT
Shining light on healthcare at home   ZDNet  27th Jan 2008
 SenseBulb Press Release Jan 4th 2008 click here
SenseBulb Talk, 18th Feb 2008 ARM Conference Centre, Cambridge  Here is the PowerPoint
Other  news
April 2008, BBC Radio,  SenseBulb
 I have been asked about my contribution to Multi Touch technology when I worked at Microsoft Research.
I have been working on multitouch user interfaces  since 1982, designing music synthesisers and  other keyboards. In those days, engineers referred to multitouch as "polyphonic" when describing the keyboard scanning.    In
2003 , I wrote a paper  on a new type of optical touch sensing , click here. * My co-researcher on this project at Microsoft Research was James Srinivasan.  The project was called SmartSkin, it was a working prototype  and used optical sensors to detect multiple fingers and shadows from hands. It used Light Emitting Diodes to display pixels . When  a LED is reverse biased, it can detect light, e.g. the proximity of a finger. The Paper gives references to other  companies working on this technology.  The paper also describes low cost optical methods of motion detection without the use of accelerometers.
 Microsoft did not patent SmartSkin, so the algorithms , schematics and software in the paper are in the public domain.
Here is a video of another of my Microsoft touch sensitive screen innovations, GyroTablet. 
My latest work on Multitouch is SenseSurface
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