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Managing Director  Lyndsay Williams


Last Update 20th Oct 2009

Research & Development  of  embedded digital and analogue microcontroller systems,  including computers for Assisted Living, digital audio , sensors, and GSM wireless sensors

Recent News

Oct 2009 Microsoft licenses Sensecam, invented by Lyndsay Williams report here

July 2009  ixp-notes time sensitive paper  click here

This computer fits within 1.6 mm thin card including battery:

Ixp  Notes in the News here 

Girton Labs at HCI2009 Cambridge here

Girton Labs SenseBulb in BBC News here

3D CAD designs here 

ixp-note paperclip model

other  projects:

* multitouch lcd  screens - 3 Dimensional control surfaces for laptop computers, music synthesisers, studio mixers, games,  flight simulators, partially sighted users

* intelligent sensing lightbulbs for home security and care of dementia e.g. Alzheimer's

* wireless sensor systems using text messages alerts  via GSM

* mobile phone with sensors, e.g. accelerometer  controlled rotating screens, e.g. portrait/landscape mode - Lyndsay Williams was the  inventor  of this technology as used by Apple iPhone . 

* Consulting Expert for Apple Inc


Girton Labs Blog


 Girton Labs Ltd was founded by  Lyndsay Williams in 2007.  Wiliiams has  degree in BioMedical Electronics  Hons  (1980 University of Salford, UK) and is a Computer Scientist  in the field of  Human–computer interaction (HCI )  specialising in new hardware sensing platforms for digital audio, mobile phones and paper computers.   Williams has designing new hardware platforms for digital audio for the PC, sensors for mobile phones and currently a new type of  sensing computer embedded  in printed paper, first prototype is ixp-note

Williams was  a Hardware Engineer at Psion, then a Senior Research Fellow at BT Labs, Martlesham (1997-98)  where she invented SmartQuill, a mobile phone with sensors for motion control and human sensing.  Williams then  worked 1998-2007 as a Researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge , where she invented SenseCam, a  sensing camera for helping people with Alzheimer's .  


Girton Labs Projects - details



SenseBooks are a new type of  interactive printed book using sensors to determine activity of the  reader. These sensors are similar to those used on the Apple iPhone. E.g. light, motion, sound,  and touch.   Also a  SenseBook will be able to automatically  indicate to your computer via wireless what page it is on and bring up a web page. This could be a cookery book , children’s educational book or novel.  A cookery book could bring up the recipe of the day on a web page.  A Sensebook will also know the book has been picked up and reader is looking at a page. This can bring up sounds and images for childrens’ educational books. Very low cost   magnetic  motion sensors allow movement to be detected and musical  “rock and roll” features added to books.  These novel  motion sensors are a replacement for accelerometers and much lower cost.  We plan to use printed electronics on paper  for part of the SenseBook and the sensing system should add no more than about 20% to cost of printed book.

more : click here

SenseBooks -  EEDA Award Winner 2008

3 Dimensional control surface for PCs
click here




Wireless GSM sensing networks  SenseDirect
 SenseBulb - an intelligent lighbulb for care of Alzheimer's  patients click here    SenseBulb 
SenseBulb -  EEDA Award Winner 2007



Media news on Girton Labs


  Article in The Guardian  SenseBooks will use iPhone-style sensors that Microsoft could have owned a decade ago    10th Dec 2008  here

 Business Weekly 17th Dec 2008   Ex-Microsoft researcher to launch new breed of books sensebookbenfountain.pdf

News from the UK Trade & Investment on Girton Labs June 23 2008 

Ixp -note


Old  Projects from Lyndsay Williams 
iPhone and SmartQuill
Archives -SenseCam from  old work at Microsoft

March 2009 Article in Science on SenseCam

 9 Oct 2008 SenseCam BBC TV James May Big Ideas video here:


 Sensecam Sept 2008,  Listen to Susan Blackmore, Gordon Bell, Martin Conway, Emma Berry , Peter Gabriel,  and Lyndsay Williams talking about Memory Capture on BBC4 Today program  here sensecampetergabrial.mp3 4.5  minutes MP3. Click on right mouse button to save MP3 file and listen.

 The full documentary is  here as MP3 file. right click on mouse to save and listen to.

 BBC News 22nd Sept 2008   Can forgetful people now relax?


Jan 20th 2009 Microsoft Patent awarded to Lyndsay Williams et al  -  Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body here 

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