Todd Giroux, 2014 Rhode Island Governor Candidate (D)


  Todd Giroux                              Rhode Island Gubernatorial Campaign Announcement.   

        Todd Giroux Oct. 4, 2013 filed for candidacy for Governor of Rhode Island.  
 "Government providing direct action to the needs of people, small business and industrial regional opportunities."  
   "It is time to invest in our people and small business in Rhode Island."
         "The Rhode Island economy is the number one focus of my campaign for Governor."

Economic Development ( 1 Billion Dollars of Economic Development and Investment. )
  • Legislative Action in 2014 to prepare for 2015. Jobs and Business Plan for Rhode Island. 
  • Lower RI Sales Tax to 5.3% - Every RI business border to border regionally competitive.
  • Establish Commerce revolving fund of 400 million with 200 Million dollars for small business loans and
  • 200 Million dollars for Residential property Loans.
  • Establish Sovereign Reserve Fund of 200 million dollars.
  • 400 Million for Infrastructure like a revitalized hurricane barrier and more bridge work.

The 2008 Economic Stabilization Act bailed out the National Banks and created the T.A.R.P. program for Toxic Asset Relief. The repaid TARP now in the US Treasury is supposed to be released to distressed communities in the USA. I say let's get our fair share of the 400 billion dollars of repaid TARP.  

6 billion of repaid TARP for RI coud create Trust Funds of Investment in RI for A Commerce fund for small business and property owners. An Infrastructure Fund, a Healthcare Trust Fund, provide Pensioin Insurance for the statewide pension loss before 2010, reduce foreclosures. 

Billions of dollars of investment to create interest and lift burdens off the state budget, cities, towns and property owners of RI.

The Commerce Fund will effect a Jobs plan in the shortest amount of time for people to repair homes, hire their local contractors. A Jobs Plan that is not on the back og government.

We send 7 Billion Dollars to wall street and hedge funds that cost millions to manage.

Repaid TARP is a game changer for the people of RI and every community across the USA.  

Support Todd GIroux for Governor !!

Send Less to Wall Street and focus One Billion of investment into RI.  While stocks are up it's time to take money off the table before we lose it.. Focus a Billions Dollars now..

The small business loans and property loans will return competitive interest to the state with out hedge fund fees.  The Commerce fund works now and for future generations of Rhode Islanders. 

The Sovereign Fund is a reserve fund for dynamic budget gaps in lowering the sales tax. 

These focused investments support local business, property owners, workers of all industry while creates demand in manufacturing and created revenue for the state. 

We need to reset RI to be business friendly and provide the financial kick start.  Loans are accountability not handouts. A jobs plan will focus local business, local employment as first in line for these commerce projects.     

 GIROUX: The 2015 The Jobs Plan

The Department of Labor and Training and Health & Human Services will participate in the

RI Works Projects Administration (RIWPA).  Jobs training & Working for Benefits.

Work Projects funded by RI Commerce Fund to property owners are private funds to pay for private projects.  

                                 Legislative Action Priority

2015 Family Stabilization Plan - The foreclosure crisis continues with non-standing third party property rights fraud violations rampant during the economic downturn and bailout of wall street. RI has received National banks fraud settlements which demand legislative response to affirm historical real property rights and path to clear title for property owners. The timeline and burden of eviction to not be upon the damaged home owner. I call for an executive order to stay foreclosures in RI.  I encourage the RI Legislature to take up this issue for the people of Rhode Island as a branch of government that must voice leadership in RI law and precedent to affirm the RI laws of Title, Ownership and Property rights to free Rhode Island from the unlawful third party standing crisis fueling homes theft by banks, attorney and their lobbyists.   

Medicare & the Affordable Care Act

The industry of medicine and research is cornerstone of need and economy. The health and care for our population is an anchor of the life cycle and will continue to be a balanced approach to preventative and actionable affordable healthcare without penalty or mandate.

2015 GIROUX to Establish The RI Office of Inspector General

The Inspector General will provide continuity of oversight to state contracts, agreements by executive boards, and to Legislative actions and state commitments.

Rhode Island Jobs Plan 2015, Office of Inspector General, 400 Million Dollars Economic Development Loans to Small Business and Property Owners, 400 Million Dollars of Infrastructure Investment, 

200 Million Dollars Sovereign Fund.  

WPA Green Jobs Training, Family Stabilization Act with Foreclosure Relief. 

The transparency of government is often promised and seldom delivered by the revolving door of mainstream politicians. I want to change that by hiring the first Inspector General here in Rhode Island to provide continuity of oversight for compliance to state contracts, agreements by executive boards and to the legislative actions and commitments the people of RI take ownership of when leaders make their closed door deals.  The role of  Inspector General is to investigate waste, fraud and abuse. Federally it is well known with The Department of Health and Human Services and the focus is on Medicare fraud and discovers tens of millions of dollars of abuse per year.

I have been suggesting the Inspector General position for RI since my first run for Governor in 2010 and here is why.  The part time RI General Assembly often runs out of time leading to the passage of hundreds of bills at the last session that have serious consequences for RI taxpayers such as the 38 Studios, bridge tolls and infrastructure projects like our new bridge built on top of a decaying hurricane barrier. We all have the experience to know RI's history of projects, waste and duplication be it the RI Resource Recovery, the EDC and all the nooks and cronies built in to the system of existing budget levels. 

The Jobs and Vendor Study I speak of will address the contracts of convenience and waste. The Inspector General will focus on quality, compliance and be able to provide continuity beyond state leaders that are come and go through election years. All state departments need help with contracts compliance at this time. The endless study commissions are lawyered up at considerable expense and duplication. I want to provide RI with a long term solution to the business of compliance to contracts so the maximum value of projects and Federal reimbursement is realized.

The Jobs Plan I have for Rhode Island will create a billion dollars of economic development here in the state. The property owners and small business will have a revolving fund loans program backed with 400 Million of equity investments. The state will continue to invest in much needed infrastructure. I want to help the people of Main Street and get Rhode Island back to work.  We are fortunate to have the working capital on account and we need to maximize our local investments before wall street takes it off the balance sheet. 

The oversight of Inspector General in a clerk-of-the-works capacity is continuity and envelops the fiduciary responsibility promised to the people by government. I intend to place this position within the charge of the Governor's Deputy Executive Counsel.

The key to jump-start this stalled economy is bold new thinking by a projects Governor that understands Main Street from both sides of the avenue. I am focused on programs that create demand in manufacturing and that bring Main treet labor to the table supporting small business and industry.

by Todd Giroux, RI Governor Candidate (D)

Telephone: 401.451.4004