The Girl Who Cried Wool





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Once upon a time...

There was a little girl, with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad...
she was ROWDY!!!!
This is the story of that little girl.
Generation upon generation in her family there were crafters galore. A great grandmother who would sculpt a fragile angel by arranging colorful beads inside a glass bottle...
A grandmother who weilded a punch needle, painting pictures of landscapes and animals that danced across the towering walls of a regal home. A great-aunt who would crochet not those skimpy doilies, but tablecloths, bedspreads and curtain valances.
An aunt who embroidered tunic upon tunic, saris, blouses, nighties - even the tiny writing on monogrammed handkerchiefs were a work of art.
A grandfather who laughed at women who would cut fabric into little pieces only to sew them together again, but turn around and latchook a leaping leopard or a soaring eagle.
A cousin who lined her walls with paintings - whether they were of cross-stitch or oils or pastels one could never tell.
And most important, a mother who would forever surround her with unimaginable crafts, from beads and buttons, to wire mesh, to flamed glass, to candles and soaps, to fabrics and fibres, to clays and plasters... the list was endless.
Remember now, that while she was extra cute when she wanted, she could also be as difficult and stubborn as a tangled curl when she did not. And she did NOT want to be crafty.
Her needlepoint was sloppy. She could not sew a seam without meandering off to the center of the fabric. She skipped a stitch or three of her knitted scarf. She took a pair of scissors to her latchook just to see what would happen.
She would rather be outside spying on her brother and his friends than couped up at home with crochet needles.
But then one day she had an epiphany.
No one knows how or what or why she did, perhaps it was just time...
For suddenly, with a voracious vengance, the little girl cried 'WOOL!' and began to crochet.
And crochet.
And crochet.
And crochet...
If you look carefully, you might find some of her creations on this site. And if you aren't careful, they might break through your monitor and bite you... with the crochet bug that bit the girl who cried wool....