Girls In Yoga Pants Pictures

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girls in yoga pants pictures
Shower head
Shower head
Okay so this is my least favorite, so I'll put the story of my day in this one since I assume less people will look at this picture. But I totally feel like sharing my boring day with whoever will listen. I went to school today and I only had one class! It was super exciting. I was wearing this cute dress and tights and I was lookin' pretty fly which made my confidence sky-rocket. Then after class I went and purchased the rest of my remaining books. Yay! I'm really not excited for my English 1A class because my teacher is really boring, but whatever. So then I went with my boy to marshalls and got yoga pants and a mat for my class tomorrow. Then we came home a while, then went to walmart to get school supplies. I'm not really sure why, but school supplies make me incredibly happy. So then I made some rice and did some homework, and then took these. :)
found this etchasketch in my basement. didn't know we had it. i'm obsessing over it now. hahaha. nothing really happened today. boo boring life. watching home alone 2 now. bye day 136
girls in yoga pants pictures