Girls Inspired Globally is a worldwide club of unique women and girls who grow, explore, learn, make friends, and improve the world in many ways through creating and sharing with social media, Smart phone apps, and online video. We want to make it as easy as possible for you  to pursue your passions.

   The power of our tools is such that every project we build and share with members offers at least five distinct benefits to every participant: it teaches something, it helps the world in some way, it's fun, it starts friendships, and it inspires others. This happens whether you spend a few minutes, or a lifetime on our programs.



What can you do as a GIG member?  You can enjoy, share, and create videos, co-create Fair Trade social  enterprises, initiate group psychology experiments, build networks, find a welcoming nest for your Startup, start an online Art Gallery, learn Millennial skills, find support for your business, meet new friends, laugh, and evolve in new directions. You can also be assigned a title  which gives you real input into the group's direction.


To find out what we're about, join us.  There are three membership levels, and two of them are free, so there's no reason not to try it out.  You'll get a welcome message describing the possibilities.  Just click on the 'Get Started' button.

  So what, specifically, is GIG doing?  Many things.  At any given time, 90% of them are still being tested 'in the lab', so to speak, but here's a selection of projects you can join now.  For most people, we recommend #1 to begin with. It allows you to experience Rare Emotions which are sometimes unique to certain cultures.

1.  Rare Emotion Incubator:  Affect (emotion) is somewhat culture-specific. You feel things based on where you grew up, and who you live with. But others feel things you may not. Every week or so we make a video of a new rare emotion, through a morph, an animation, or a celebrity example. Our staff has perused thousands of images to find ones that fit. We find rare emotions  in many places; right now we're using this:  https://hifisamurai.github.io/lexicography/

  Soon, with your help, the videos  will show up once a day or more.  We must say that this study of feelings has opened up avenues of exploration which will keep some of us busy for a lifetime. The thrill  comes when you combine the rare emotions within yourself and start creating new ones.

2.  We're co-creating an example of a relative of Artificial Intelligence called Swarm Intelligence. This does not involve robots or computers per se, but is the combination of masses of human brains to answer questions and solve problems, as these people are already doing:  unanimous.ai.  We are concentrating on challenges which address the U.N.'s  Sustainable Development goals, as formulated by the General Assembly during the 2015 Summit conference in New York.

There are 17 Goals listed, but since several overlap (there's not much difference between #1 'No Poverty' and #8, 
'Decent work and Economic Growth'), and since 17 is a lot to remember, we have condensed them into 6 Basic Goals:







3. The Power of Ideas:  In ancient times philosophers saw Ideas as rivaling humans in importance. We believe that seriously discussing the great thoughts that have emerged from the human experience adds a lot to social discourse on issues big and small. Participants in this project choose an idea, precept, maxim, principle, or bit of wisdom that means a lot to them and create a worldwide colloquy about it by starting Facebook groups, LinkedIn discussions, Twitter feeds,  subreddits, Tumblr pages, and academia.edu accounts devoted to it.

4. Startup Seedbed: Many of our members have ideas for new enterprises but don't have all the skills or assets necessary to embody their visions.  We have dozens of members with various skill sets who can help you.  If you begin a startup that we believe in, we will use our resources to publicize it.    

5. Growth-inducing Video Game: Members are working on a non-violent psyche exploring multi-player game  which allows women from all countries to enjoy a unique experience while making friends online.  It's something  like Journey, Dear Esther, The Witness, or Flower, with a worldwide live social component.

6. Millennial skills: Non-profit division: We find that many young people nowadays could benefit from practicing skills that our modern app-connected world values, but that are not taught in schools: building social media followings, idea generation, crowdfunding, using press releases to test concepts, etc.  NGOs, non-profit organizations, and charities provide an excellent forum to grow and hone these abilities.  The  non-profits our members have selected to benefit include these:

Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley


Princeton Institute for Advanced Study


The Vice-chancellor's Fund for the University and Colleges of Cambridge


The Harvard Campaign 


Yale Non-Profit Alliance


Cambridge Rag


Oxford Thinking:


Associated Students of Stanford University


7. Millennial Skills: Profit Division:  Similar sets of capabilities are needed for profit-making enterprises.  We believe that learning these is very useful for girls, whether or not their career path will lead to business ownership.  We practice in these areas by assisting small importers that adhere to the standards of the Fair Trade Federation.  These are largely small firms in the developing world,  usually owned by women.  Each has been vetted by the  Federation, and meets standards for environmental responsibility and fair wages.  We help our members assist these companies by building their presence on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  When our members purchase products from these enterprises, a donation is made to one of the non-profits listed above. Here are the ones we currently support:

4 All Humanity
Hutchinson, KS 
785 - 250-4193

1758 Co.
Bedford, PA 
814 - 623-7970

A-Mark on the World
Littleton, CO 
303 - 797-9554
Through the sale of Fair Trade handbags, totes, baskets & scarves, we not only promote fair trade awareness, provide resources & promote fair trade participation, but more importantly we enhance the lives of the artisans and their families we represent. Most of our products are from recycled, repurposed or renewable materials.

A. Bernadette
New York, NY 
917 - 216-6255

Abrazo Style
Hood River, OR 
503 - 893-2021
Handcrafted products from Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico featuring hand embroidered cotton blouses and dresses, hand woven wraps, scarves and totes, natural seed and stone jewelry

Acacia Creations
York, PA 
717 - 817-1412
Acacia Creations brings you stylish fair trade products from around the world. From our production headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, we work with fair trade artisans in 6 countries to make unique jewelry, accessories and home accents from natural and recycled materials. Our product line offers a wide variety of responsible items for all markets of the gift industry.

A Fair Trade World
Richmond, VA 
804 - 338-4524
The mission of A FAIR TRADE WORLD is to support and improve the lives of artisans—namely women—by providing the artisans a Living Wage for their work. As we practice Fair Trade, we help artisan families elevate to a Quality of Life that provides for better than adequate shelter, education, healthcare and nutritious food.

African Bronze Honey Company
Ottawa, ON 
We market and sell honey and other products on behalf of 6000 independent beekeepers in Africa.

African Market Baskets
Boulder, CO 
303 - 465-9585
African Market Baskets™ is a wholesale importer of Bolga baskets from Ghana, West Africa. For 25 years we have been importing from African villages and distributing across America and Canada. We work directly with producers to create consistently high-quality products. It is our policy to practice Fair Trade. We donate a percentage of profits toward humanitarian projects which include providing school supplies and funding health care for over 1,000 weavers and their families.

Aid Through Trade
Annapolis, MD 
410 - 266-8857
For over 20 years we’ve been an industry pioneer; bringing fair trade to the fashion world. As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, our purpose from day one has been to change the lives of women through ethical, fair, and sustainable employment. Founder Damian Jones served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal for four years before he conceptualized Aid Through Trade as a long-term solution for income generation. Starting with only four artisans, we now work with over 50 artisans who take pride in creating beautiful jewelry.

All Across Africa
San Diego, CA 
858 - 384-2630
All Across Africa is an organization dedicated to equipping men and women with income generating opportunities that lift themselves out of poverty. We work to serve people in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. We train producers in rural areas to create products that are unique and appealing.

Alternatives Global Marketplace
Fort Collins, CO 
352 - 335-0806
We are a fair trade gift and clothing brick and mortar and ecommerce store offering a unique selection of artisan crafts from around the world including traditional folk art, unique handmade jewelry and handbags, home décor, art and sculpture, textiles, tabletop, and body care and home fragrance.

Amani ya Juu
Chattanooga, TN 
423 - 531-6496
Amani ya Juu means “higher peace” in Swahili. Amani is a fair trade sewing and training program for marginalized African women. Amani is committed to holistic development. Women gain experience in purchasing, bookkeeping, stitching, quality control, management, and design. Emphasis is placed on ethical business practices and harmonious relationships with people of different backgrounds. Amani’s wide selection of high-quality handbags, home & kitchen décor, jewelry, and children’s items are made out of local African materials.

Anchal Project
Louisville, KY 
502 - 709-4377
Anchal [on-chal] is a non-profit social enterprise that uses design thinking to create innovative products and sustainable employment that empower exploited women worldwide. To date, Anchal has provided alternative careers in textiles & design to over 150 women. Our eco-friendly products are made from hand-selected vintage materials, organic fibers and low-impact dyes. Anchal is committed to producing the highest quality home goods & accessories while maintaining the integrity of our artisans and natural resources. Distinct design, craftsmanship and a personal signature connect you to the individual maker.

Andean Dream
Los Angeles, CA 
310 - 281-6036
Manufacturer of gluten free/allergy friendly quinoa cookies, pasta and soup mixes. Products are made in Bolivia with "Royal Quinoa" which contains the highest amount of protein and amino acids. Andean Dream sources its quinoa from 280 indigenous farming families in Bolivia.

Andes Gifts
Davis, CA 
530 - 902-9113
Andes Gifts is a wholesale company that works with over 2000 indigenous Aymara and Quechua knitters in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru producing hand-knit fall/winter accessories and gifts, mainly hats, gloves, and scarves incorporating local fibers such as alpaca and wool. These women represent more than 40 distinct communities, cooperatives, and family groups. All products are sweatshop free with the knitting done in the small highland villages.

Ark Imports
Newmarket, ON 
905 - 898-7275
Ark Imports has been importing from Asia since 1985. We now deal exclusively in Nepal and have dealt with some of our suppliers for over 25 years. We have a small but dynamic team working in our warehouse located in Newmarket, ON CANADA.

Art Aids Art
Altadena, CA 
626 - 398-1781
Art Aids Art is a nonprofit organization promoting education, health and economic development through the arts. Working primarily with South African mothers, we help women to help themselves through literacy, training and entrepreneurship projects that encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency. eKhaya eKasi, our center in Khayelitsha, serves as an oasis of loving support for those impacted by extreme poverty and the AIDS crisis.

Brooklyn, NY 
917 - 617-6509
ARTICLE22 designs to tell transformation stories of negative into positive. Peacebomb, our first collection of jewelry and home accessories, is handcrafted from detonated bombs in Laos. Turning bad into beautiful, the collection helps clear some of the 80 million unexploded ordnance and has employed over 40 artisans in Laos, mostly women.

Artisans' Hope
Harrisonburg, VA 
540 - 433-4880
Artisans' Hope features fairly traded food and hand crafted items from around the world. We work with organizations that ensure our products are Fair Trade or created in a manner that has a positive social impact while minimizing negative environmental effects. This ensure the actual people providing these goods are paid a fair and living wage.

Artisans' World Marketplace
Sarasota, FL 
941 - 365-5994

Aruna Project
Cincinnati, OH 
513 - 313-8567
From athletic drawstring backpacks, to stylish totes, from thoughtful backpacks to cute crossbodys, every product is handcrafted in freedom by empowered Artisans who have been freed from sex trafficking. Each purchase made helps to bring and sustain freedom!

Asheville, NC 
312 - 321-8663
ARZU, which means "hope" in Dari, is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that helps Afghan women and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them with a steady income and benefits, including access to education and healthcare. We believe that real change begins with economic empowerment. Put simply, for women and their families, this all starts with a job.

Asante Network
Alameda, CA 
510 - 522-7879
Asante Network (AN) is committed to helping women in Tanzania and Uganda. AN connects the women's groups with US markets. This empowers the women to develop their traditional arts into viable home based businesses. All of our efforts are designed to provide dignity, hope and a better life for the women and their families.

Asha Imports USA
Harrison, AR 
888 - 549-3416
The mission of Asha Imports is to be a voice for people who have no voice. Our focus in business is to bring hope to the poor and oppressed people of our world; in fact, the Hindi word "Asha" means hope. We distribute products made by people who have been given a chance to rise above their circumstances and take back their humanity. Wholesaler of handmade, fair trade home decor, i.e. throw blankets, pillows, runners, scarves, etc

Atacora Essential, Inc.
Olympia, WA 
206 - 707-3634
Atacora Essential is the direct producer of West African health and wellness products, including Baobab and Neem, as well as indigenous craft items. We also source other botanicals from partner producers whom we personally vet for Fair Trade practices. We guide the supply chain from the groves all the way to our customers, under our Fair Partnership model.

Seattle, WA 
+1 206 678 7881
Awamaki helps women's cooperatives in rural Perú learn to start and run their own businesses creating high quality products and experiences.

Azizi Life
Audubon, PA 
484 - 868-1548
Azizi Life’s social enterprise partners directly with over 27 artisan groups in rural Rwanda. We aim to express Jesus’ love to all through fair trade opportunity. Artisans craft beautiful baskets, home goods & Christmas décor from natural fibers and wood. Sales benefit nonprofit community efforts.

Baskets of Africa
Albuquerque, NM 
800 - 504-4656
Baskets of Africa represents the largest selection of high quality, fair trade, African baskets. By working directly with producer groups throughout Africa, we are able to source wonderful basket creations from beautiful and useful Bolga Market baskets to some of the highest quality woven baskets in the world today from Swaziland, Botswana and South Africa.

Boulder, CO 
303 - 554-5901
BeadforLife creates global markets for recycled paper jewelry and shea body care products that are hand-crafted/hand-gathered by women producers in Uganda.

Belart LLC- Bello Arte
Bennington, VT 
802 - 442-5555
Belart partners and works with displaced and at risk communities in Colombia, S.A. creating handmade jewelry in 100% sun-powered Agave, sustainable and organic Tagua, upcycled Horn, Stone, and Pre-Columbian Gold/Silver Museum reproductions in the lost wax method.

Better Way Imports
Zeeland, MI 
616 - 648-0900
Better Way Imports partners with organizations that are working to end sex trafficking, through the import and sale of quality products. BWI gives access to the North American market, which enables these organizations to provide marginalized individuals in their communities with the opportunity to earn a living wage and permanent employment. It is a dignified way out of the trap of sex trafficking many of them have been rescued from, or could otherwise fall into.

Beyond Borders
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 
888 - 959-8288
Premier designs of Haitian metal art created by hand from recycled oil drums using a hammer, a chisel and a nail. We work with 100 artists in the village of Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.

Blossom Inspirations
Naperville, IL 
515 - 418-9303
Blossom Inspirations offers a handmade collection of toys, home décor and women's fashion accessories. It was founded in the principles of Fair Trade and mutually benefiting everyone involved in the production and sale of our products. In other words, the products we offer are designed and produced in a such a way as to positively affect Peruvian artisans, wholesalers, retailers, consumers, and finally the environment.

Blue Hand Batik
Wilmington, NC 
910 - 616-5049
www.bluehandbatik.com Blue Hand was founded by husband and wife team, Tracy Tang and Arnie Cullipher in 1994, introduced to the art of batiking while backpacking in Bali. For almost a decade, Tracy and Arnie lived in Bali. Learning to speak Indonesian , enabled them to empower artisans to design batik for market opportunities like Ten Thousand Villages. Fair Trade Accreditation Blue Hand joined the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT) in 1996. In 2004, Blue Hand was among the initial companies to be accredited by IFAT (now WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization) as a Fair Trade Organization. Blue Hand is committed to the WFTO principles and was among the first North American members of the Fair Trade movement. Blue Hand became a member of the Fair Trade Federation in 2015! Blue Hand Scarves & Sarongs We at Blue Hand are proud in assist in the art of batiking. Blue Hand scarves will not run, shrink or fade. Fabrics are created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking

Bridge For Africa
Parker, CO 
415 - 244-0604
Bridge for Africa is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the dignity of work and self-sufficiency in rural African communities. Our goal is to provide consistent work and a living wage for the skilled artisans with whom we partner with, enabling them to shape their own lives and thereby advancing hope for future generations. We are an FTF member.

Bridges of Hope
Mount Vernon, IN 
812 - 838-4216
Bridges of Hope started as a business in a beautifully crafted thatched roof cart that was opened during activities held in the family center of the First United Methodist Church. Now, that same cart is the center piece of a larger facility (still in the First UMC)that offers unique gifts to the larger community. Through the sale of fair trade items we tell the stories of the artisans, offer unique gifts to our community and support the international mission teams of our church.

Ephrata, PA 
717 - 721-8800
We produce and wholesale hand knotted rugs, from classic to contemporary, and represent over 850 families throughout 100 villages in Pakistan.

Cafe Campesino / Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company
Americus, GA 
888 - 532-4728
Cafe Campesino is a Fair Trade, organic coffee company that sells freshly roasted coffee to both online retail customers and wholesale customers such as coffee shops, natural food stores, churches and other institutions. We practice "business by the golden rule" and work to connect customers to producers. Cafe Campesino also owns the roastery Sweetwater Organic Coffee, that is located in Gainesville, Fla., that sells fair trade, organic coffee to the Florida market.

Canaan Fair Trade
Madison, WI 
608 - 310-9976
Canaan sources its olive oil and traditional Palestine foods from a network of 49 village-based cooperatives organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association, with over 1700 small landowner farm families and 200 women producers.  Canaan products are certified fair trade, USDA organic, and are found in food cooperatives, specialty stores and organic shops across the US. Canaan foods are highly prized for the wider impact they have on the producers’ communities through fair trade practices.

Casa Bonampak / Mexevents.com
San Francisco, CA 
415 - 642-4079
Since 1996 Casa Bonampak has been dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous Traditions of LatinAmerica. We work directly with low income, coops or family artisans to develop products & markets for traditional crafts. We speciallize in folkart, decorations, clothing & more. We retail through our online & store front & also wholesale to other stores.

Celia Grace
Winnetka, IL 
978 - 302-6564
Each Celia Grace wedding dress has a story behind it that is just as beautiful as the dress itself. Simple, elegant wedding gown design and exquisite materials and craftsmanship set our products apart. We use heirloom craft preservation eco silk made on traditional no electricity looms as well as vintage-inspired lace. Celia Grace dresses are sewn under healthy, safe, and empowering conditions we donate a water filter to a family with every dress sold.

Center for Amazon Community Ecology
State College, PA 
814 - 238-5148
CACE helps native and other artisans from the Peruvian Amazon to produce and market innovative handicrafts to increase family income, promote forest conservation and support local communities. Most crafts are made from chambira palm fiber and other sustainably harvested rainforest plants. We reinvest 20% of net sales to support health, education & conservation in partner communities.

Cheppu from Himalaya
Carmel Valley, CA 
831 - 659-0390
Cheppu HImal offers free-spirited fashions and gifts from the Roof of the World. We have been working with artisans in Nepal since 1986. Cheppu HImal supports education through school sponsorships for Nepalese students. We also participate in a micro credit for farmer women making the change from conventional farming to organic methods.

Child's Cup Full & Darzah
Denton, TX 
469 - 844-8691
Child's Cup Full handmade, educational children's toys are designed for kids ages 0-6. All toys are made with soft materials, and are handcrafted by refugee moms in the northern West Bank. See all toys at ChildsCupFull.org and reach out about wholesale pricing! Darzah Palestinian embroidered gifts (Darzah.org) are hand stitched by refugee women artists in the northern West Bank. The collection includes beautifully embroidered shoes, pillows, scarves, bags, and many more gift items. Please email us about wholesale pricing!

Cielo Hammocks
Washington, DC 
202 - 817-3979
Cielo Hammocks is a socially driven organization that seeks to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality and drive social change through the preservation and innovation of ancient Mayan hammock weaving tradition. We are social impact entrepreneurs who recognize incredible economic disparity in Mexico and the world and have set ourselves to do our part starting in our community. A driving force for our business is the opportunity to change the lives of so many women and children. Our work in the community as well as the local governments, academic institutions and NGOs further amplifies our impact promoting Education as a catalyzer to break out of the poverty cycle.

Circle of Hands Uganda
Louisville, CO 
303 - 604-0905
We import recycled paper bead jewelry and sustainable accessories handcrafted by Ugandan women affected by Africa's HIV/AIDS crisis. Our mission, through health education & skill training, is to partner with and empower them as they become entrepreneurs, role models and leaders in their communities.

Conscious by Kali
Yelm, WA 
360 - 894-8290

Contemporary Craft
Potomac, MD 
301 - 793-6529
At Contemporary Craft we work on adapting centuries-old art forms of hand block printing and weaving in India to a contemporary aesthetic, while preserving the natural processes and handiwork that are so important to the quality of design. We use careful handcrafted methods that are environmentally sustainable.

Montreal, QC 
514 - 907-9853
Cooperative Coffees is a green coffee importing cooperative, comprising 23 community-based coffee roasters in the USA and Canada, who are committed to building and supporting fair and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their exporting cooperatives, families, and communities. We strive to promote transparent Fair Trade and sustainable development alternatives in both the North and the South, while continuing to sell the highest quality coffee on the market.

Costello International
Columbus, OH 
800 - 463-9422
Costello International Incorporated of Columbus, Ohio USA is an environmentally and socially conscious distributor of fairly traded, handcrafted gift and jewelry merchandise.

Cambridge, MA 
617 - 230-8322
Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International’s (US 501(c)3) mission it to implement integrated, enterprise systems that link the livelihoods of farm families and communities to the maintenance of natural ecosystems. With our partner, Sehatry Ny Mpamkatra Landy Ifotony, we teach farmers how to produce wild silk moth cocoons and make them into textiles for cash. Farmers earn $30/4000 cocoons and about $18/m2 for making our unique non-spun textile.

Brooklyn, NY 
203 - 300-8598

Creative Women
York, PA 
717 - 900-1709
Creative Women is a fair trade wholesale company supplying simple, luxurious handwoven textiles. We partner with producers in Ethiopia and Morocco to create home goods with timeless, rustic designs that support more than 40 artisan jobs. Creative Women is committed to offering fine textiles, widening economic opportunity, and operating a fair and beneficial business.

Crossroads Handcrafts
Bloomington, IL 
309 - 827-0121
A fair trade retail shop offering handcrafts from areas of poverty as well as coffee, tea, olive oil, and dry mixes. We also offer children's books about other cultures and our one human family.

Cross Trade
Blowing Rock, NC 
828 - 295-8691
Cross Trade's purpose is to create opportunities for needy families in northeast Brazil to work their way out of poverty. We accomplish this purpose by providing a retail market (Blowing Rock, NC) and wholesale distribution in the USA of handcrafts made by these families.

Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company / Proud Harvest Inc.
Orange, MA 
978 - 544-2002

Didi Bahini
Gatineau, QC 
819 - 790-8273
Didi Bahini (“sisters” in Nepalese) is committed to building the capacity of small businesses in Nepal that support women’s empowerment. Our product line includes high quality silver and Tibetan jewelry, pashmina, textiles & scarves, arm & leg warmers, felted Christmas ornaments, paper and bags.

Dr. Bronner's
Vista, CA 
760 - 743-2211
Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, while dedicating its profits to help make a better world. The top-selling brand of organic & fair trade bodycare in the U.S., Dr. Bronner’s models progressive values in all aspects of its business while making ecological, effective and versatile products.

Dunitz & Company, Inc.
Hollywood, CA 
323 - 769-8600
Dunitz & Company offers some of the finest quality and fashion forward glass seed bead & fused glass jewelry available today. Handmade in Guatemala, Dunitz designs range from sophisticated to sassy and Victorian to ethnic. Perfect for all age groups. Judaica line also available.

dZi Handmade
Easthampton, MA 
413 - 527-4500
dZi is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Tibetan and Himalayan artisans and their communities through the development and marketing of their craft traditions. Signature lines include the diverse Tibet Collection, whimsical hand felted Wild Woolies, the seasonal Fair Trade Holiday, and the nature inspired Sweet Bird.

Earth Divas
Potomac, MD 
866 - 465-4489
Since 2004 Earth Divas has worked directly with artisans in Nepal to help them design and produce handbags, scarves and other handmade, natural fiber gifts and accessories for customers in the USA. We give back 100% of all profits to the artisans that we work with.

Earth Friendly Coffee Company
Denver, CO 
866 - 807-6089
EFC is a social justice initiative. We use the world's best coffees, cultivated by indigenous farmers, as a vehicle to create a more economically just market for them. EFC is developing a U.S. customer base for exceptional coffees roasted by the farmers themselves and then flown to their U.S. customer base. Once the farmers are able to roast their own beans, they can earn 30-50% more of the specialty coffee $$--and lift themselves out of their abject poverty.

Education & More
Hutchinson, KS 
785 - 220-2971
Education And More is a Christian, Fair Trade nonprofit organization providing assistance to artisans and their families through educational opportunities and Fair Trade in the rural areas of Guatemala.

Eighth Wonder
Ulm, MT 
406 - 866-3340
As the marketing partner for the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project, Eighth Wonder imports a variety of aromatic heirloom rices from the Philippines. Working directly with the indigenous farmers, Eighth Wonder is supporting their effort to reframe the perception of traditional rice to be a high-value agricultural crop that represents the integrity of their culture. Together, we are building a bridge between the centuries-old tradition of growing rice and the economic opportunities of the 21st century.

Elevation Trade
Portland, OR 
503 - 869-5542
Elevation Trade was born out of the idea that we are all connected, a global village. And no one group of people can consider themselves successful, if another group is suffering. We are all in this together. Without needed change, poverty, illness and deprivation will continue to adversely affect the lives of Nepali people, especially women, children and the socially disenfranchised. The Elevation Trade team is made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and we come in all different shapes and sizes. So we design clothes that WE want to wear! We also lead pretty busy lives, between chasing kids and running the dogs, we need clothing that isn’t going to slow us down. Who has time to coddle their clothing? All of our styles are pre-shrunk, and therefore machine washer and dryer friendly.

Encanto Jewels
Grass Valley, CA 
530 - 274-1368
Encanto is an eco-friendly company that works with versatile materials that highlight the shapes, textures, tones, and colors found in nature. Because our jewelry reflects nature itself, we resonate with people of all ages, backgrounds, and tastes. The common human thread running through all of our designs is contemporary yet timeless: fresh, simple, elegant, and free. Because of the close relationship we have with the artisans that fashion our products, we can provide an uncommon level of quality and refinement at affordable prices.

Equal Exchange
774 - 776-7400
Equal Exchange started in 1986 with a simple idea: what if food could be traded in a way that empowers both farmers and consumers? We seek out the best-tasting ingredients from small farmer co-ops and import them as directly as we can. We proudly offer fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate and cocoa, and are expanding into bananas, olive oil, Geobars, nuts and dried fruits. We offer these to community groups, grocery and natural foods stores, and cafés.

Escama Studio
San Francisco, CA 
415 - 595-1118
Escama Studio is a social enterpise that creates fashion accessories in while promoting sustainable development through trade. Our flagship line of products are handbags made from recycled aluminum pull-tabs.

Eternal Threads
Abilene, TX 
325 - 672-6000
Eternal Threads is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children most at risk of extreme poverty, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation by providing sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects.

Fair Anita
Woodbury, MN 
612 - 524-9570
Fair Anita is a social enterprise that's all about investing in the power of women. We co-design products with artisan partners in 16 countries, creating trendy and affordable pieces (that are ethically-produced, of course!).

Chicago, IL 
773 - 667-5324

Fair Trade Décor
Del Mar, CA 
858 - 461-1263
A family retail business serving the San Diego area with home and personal decorative products, books and local events. We stock beautiful, handmade, Fair Trade products from more than 40 countries.

Fair Trade Judaica
El Cerrito, CA 
510 - 525-1567
Fair Trade Judaica is building a fair trade movement in the Jewish community, linking Jewish values of human dignity, self-sufficiency, and environmental sustainability with fair trade standards assuring fair and livable wages, no child labor, healthy and safe working conditions. We accomplish this through outreach/education, and expanding the production, distribution, and sale of Fair Trade Judaica products. Products available for on-line sale include kippot, menorahs, Jewish Blessing Flags, glass hamsahs and more

Fair Trade Winds
Fairfax, VA 
703 - 606-5776

Feeding the Orphans
Knoxville, TN 
865 - 213-2532

Fibres of Life
Halifax, NS 
902 - 402-9996
Fibres of Life makes fashion forward designs for women, babes and children and home. Working in felted wool and knitwear, we create bags, adult/kids/baby hats, hand wear, and shawls that can be custom designed and adapted for seasons and style choices with removable silkscreen art or pins. Hip and edgy style, high value, rich color, natural textiles, and whimsy are our products, and nature's beauty our design inspiration.

Freedom's Promise Fair Trade
Nashville, TN 
615 - 807-0492
To further the prevention of human trafficking, Freedom's Promise Fair Trade seeks to create fair wage income opportunities in Cambodia for at-risk female artisans through the purchase and production of handmade goods.

Freeset USA
Cincinnati, OH 
513 - 543-3168
Freeset USA is an independent U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern slavery. Freeset USA sells Freeset products, raises awareness and engages in fund-raising to assist the establishment and expansion of freedom businesses and social services through Freeset in India.

Friends of the Third World / Third World Shoppe
Fort Wayne, IN 
260 - 422-6821
Taking voluntary action against the root causes of poverty thru partnerships with cooperatives in areas of economic crisis working for justice in the marketplace whether that be across our city or across the globe.

From The Earth
Superior, WI 
218 - 206-2360
At From The Earth, we value people, quality, uniqueness, creativity, and fun. You can be sure that no matter what product you purchase from us, each product will be unique and of the highest quality.

Gaia's Fair Trade Gifts
Gibsons, BC 
604 - 741-5733
Gaia's Fair Trade seeks to provide customers with quality fair trade products; helping to sustain livelihoods for artisans and farmers in Majority Countries. We put people and the planet before profits and believe this to be a more sustainable business model. We sell Food (coffee, tea, chocolate ..); Baskets, Clothing, Jewelry, Paper products, Singing bowls and other Dharma products, Accessories (scarves and bags), Instruments, Home Decor and more.

Ganesh Himal Trading Co.
Spokane, WA 
509 - 448-6561
Since 1984, we have been supplying shops in North America with high quality, handcrafted fair trade clothing, jewelry, textiles, and paper. We partner directly with small cottage industries & development projects in Nepal that emphasize improving the lives of women, Tibetan refugees and marginalized producers.

Gifts With a Cause
La Quinta, CA 
858 - 750-5949
Gifts With a Cause is a global source for high-quality, value priced jewelry, scarves, purses, home decor, religious items, and art painted by elephants and gifts providing a "Hand Up" to individuals creating beautiful handcrafts. Please contact us for custom design projects.

Global Crafts
Edgewater, FL 
866 - 468-3438
Global Crafts carries around 1000 fair trade products from a wide variety of artisans and countries. We are proud members of the FTF and the World Fair Trade Organization.

Global Gifts
Indianapolis, IN 
317 - 423-3148
A visit to Global Gifts is a unique experience. From jewelry and home goods to toys and food items, our stores are filled with handmade, one-of-a-kind itms you won't find anywhere else. But that's not the best part... At Global Gifts, our products are fair trade, which means that your purchase supports fair wages, gender equity, and safe and dignified working conditions. When you shop at Global Gifts, you're making a difference...one purchase at a time.

Global Goods Partners
New York, NY 
212 - 461-3647
Global Goods Partners is a nonprofit organization that sells handmade, fair trade products in order to improve the economic status of women in marginalized communities around the world. We work with nearly 40 artisan groups which collectively employ over 3,000 women in close to 20 countries. Our online store offers socially-conscious consumers a direct connection to artisan partners that are changing women’s lives by helping them to build sustainable livelihoods.

Global Groove Life
Petaluma, CA 
707 - 782-6283
Global Groove Life • We work directly with hill tribe women's tailoring co-ops in northern Thailand and women's felting groups in Nepal to produce healthy home decor and lifestyle products inspired by travel and culture. Global Groove Life strives to make long-term commitments to the sustainability of the production process as well as the cultural heritage of the groups that we work with. Products include home decor (kids & adults), kids accessories, iaccessories, cushions, jewelry, bags and incense.

Global Handmade Hope
Chicago, IL 
847 - 720-4084

Global Heart
Sonoma, CA 
707 - 939-2847
Fair Trade Gifts

Global Mamas
Minneapolis, MN 
800 - 338-3032
Global Mamas transforms the lives of women in Africa by creating sustainable income opportunities which lead to financial independence. Global Mamas reduces the economic inequality of women by significantly increasing wages and generating new jobs through the production and export of fair trade products. This in turn improves the standard of living for women, their families, and the larger community. We believe that helping women gain financial independence is the most effective way to create prosperous communities.

Global Village
Peoria Heights, IL 
309 - 681-8180
Fair Trade Shop in a small-business-friendly village. Coffees, teas, chocolates, gifts, clothing, jewelry, accessories, toys, musical instruments, home dec, cards. Non-profit, volunteer-run, Fair Trade Federation member.

Global Village
Billings, MT 
406 - 259-3024
Global Village is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of low income world artisans through the operation of a Fair Trade retail store and educational activities that promote the values of Fair Trade, tolerance, and cultural appreciation.

Global Village Gifts
Logan, UT 
435 - 713-4347

Menlo Park, CA 
415 - 294-1490

Good Paper
San Francisco, CA 
415 - 683-6894
Good Paper is the premier provider of handmade fair trade greeting cards. They are produced in disadvantaged communities such as survivors of human trafficking in the Philippines and orphaned young adults in Rwanda.

Grain of Rice Project
Valparaiso, IN 
219 - 263-3069
Eco-friendly jewelry, bags, housewares, and accessories from Kenya created using paper, fabric scraps, and other recycled materials.

Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products
Sebastopol, CA 
888 - 482-9254
Organic Yerba Mate products including organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, gluten-free Yerba Mate, Yerba Mate blends, Yerba Mate Beverages and Organic Yerba Mate Shots.

Haiti Projects
Hanover, MA 
978 - 969-1064
We work with women in rural Haiti to produce beautiful and unique handmade hand embroidered products for the home, boudoir and baby

Hamro Village
Toronto, ON 
416 - 457-9796
Hamro Village is socially and environmentally responsible and is built on the principles of Fair Trade. We are dedicated to supporting the low income and economically deprived .artisans. It is through utilizing the artisan’s craftsmanship that we are able to provide many people with an income, which, in turn is used to feed families and send children to school.

Harkiss Designs
New York, NY 
866 - 312-9937
Harkiss Designs empowers women (and a few men too). Your purchase changes lives. Together we get to live fashionably and leave the world a better place.

Heavenly Treasures/Shop With A Mission
Glendora, CA 
626 - 963-7717
Since 1998 Heavenly Treasures has assisted refugees, single mothers, widows, physically handicapped, women rescued from sex trafficking, orphans, those that are the poorest of the poor. Thousands of lives are affected each day through the sale of handicrafts. Each product made reflects the heart and soul of our artisans around the world. Artisans are assisted in business development, access to markets locally and internationally, leadership training, product development and spiritual guidance.

Heshima Kenya
Chicago, IL 
312 - 985-5667

HolyLand Gifts
Warren, OH 
330 - 979-5523

HoonArts Fair Trade
Albuquerque, NM 
505 - 235-5046
HoonArts Fair Trade offers extraordinary one-of-a-kind and small artist editions of clothing, accessories, home decor and gifts from master textile artists and wood-carvers of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Ikat, suzani, felted silk, hand-felted animals, hand-carved combs and barrettes and more transport you to the heart of the Silk Road.

HumanKind Fair Trade
San Luis Obispo, CA 
805 - 594-1220
HumanKind Fair Trade carries clothes, gifts and accessories. As a nonprofit, HumanKind contributes to dignity, sustainability, and hope for villages throughout the world.

Illuminating Nations Through Offering an Opportunity (INTO)
Oberlin, OH 
440 - 774-3546
Illuminating Nations Through Offering an opportunity (INTO) is a fair trade organization working directly with families in three communities in Ecuador. Our line of textile accessories from the Andes is called Ananai Classic. INTO’s new line of rainforest seed jewelry is produced by members of the Cofan indigenous group. In the United States, INTO sells these products through sales to retail outlets, online through INTO’s website, fundraiser packages to educational/religious institutions and area festivals/fairs.

Inter-American Trading Inc.
Denver, CO 
800 - 279-4534
We are dedicated to support indigenous people by direct importing & wholesaling handicrafts, jewelry, musical instruments, cotton & alpaca clothing & accessories from Peru & Bolivia.

It's Cactus
Salinas, CA 

Seattle, WA 
206 - 992-5314
A fair trade company specializing in beautiful rhythm & wind instruments sourced from amazing places around the world. Jamtown celebrates the love for music shared by all cultures. It brings a keen eye towards quality and durability for small percussion and full sized hand drums. And it offers story-telling hangtags, multicultural packs and beginner-friendly products. Jamtown claims two awards from Parent’s Choice awards for original products. Jamtown services include events & classes for all ages.

New York, NY 
302 - 533-8267
JeevanKala is a social enterprise committed to the empowerment of Nepali artisans. All of our products are crafted by hand with an eye toward social impact, from the use of locally sourced and recycled raw materials to the preservation of traditional Nepali weaving techniques.

Siloam Springs, AR 
424 - 283-0400

Jubilee Global Gifts
Leavenworth, WA 
509 - 548-3508
Jubilee Global Gifts supports Fair Trade producers around the world and the social service program of Upper Valley MEND (meeting each need with dignity) in Leavenworth, WA which is a beautiful tourist destination in the mountains of NE Washington State.

Jubilee Traders
Fairfax, VA 
703 - 606-5776
Designed and hand block printed in collaboration with a group of artisans in Sanganer, outside of Jaipur, India. We own and operate the business in an effort to address poverty through the hope-filled and sustainable tool of Fair Trade, and to keep the art of hand block printing alive. We strive to offer high quality, beautiful linens that will be used and enjoyed in homes around the world for years to come.

Just Creations
Louisville, KY 
502 - 897-7319
Fair Trade retailer of handcrafted gifts from the developing world, including musical instruments, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, cards, bags, accessories, baskets, Fair Trade coffee, and more.

Vancouver, BC 
604 - 340-9157
The Bains and JusTea partners with the Katahs and Tumoi Teas. This small factory is processing teas that have never been seen before in the world market. We provide employment where there wasn’t any before: 8 at the tea factory, 30 to hand-pluck leaves, and over 10 small-scale tea growers. JusTea’s partnership offers you teas with a story – justly made tea.

Just Fare Market
Fond du Lac, WI 
920 - 322-3334
When you step into the colorful world of Just Fare Market you will find unique, high quality and affordable products for personal and household use. Just Fare Market sells Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts, oils and handcrafted accessories, toys and decorations. The extra bonus that comes with these purchases is the assurance that hard working and talented artisans and farmers in the developing world are able to improve their lives because of your purchase.

Just Haiti
Washington, DC 
202 - 286-5464
Just Haiti was founded in 2007 to work with subsistence coffee growers in Haiti to improve their crop, increase production, and export and market the coffee to North American consumers. Just Haiti works with the most vulnerable and economically at-risk communities, who would not otherwise have access to technical assistance and market development. Just Haiti is dedicated to an alternative way of doing business, where wealth generated through Haitian resource development is retained by the producers in Haiti. All profits from the sale of Just Haiti Coffee are returned to the growers and their families.

Canton, OH 
330 - 612-2317
Distributor of the Pebble product line: Handmade, contemporary and ethically sourced baby toys, blankets, hats & rattles. Fair Trade and providing employment to over 6,500 women in rural Bangladesh.

Leicester, NC 
828 - 683-7994
Founded in 2005 and operating under fair trade principles, Kamibashi Asian Art works with artisans in villages in northern Thailand to produce The String Doll Gang, a line of 180+ characters that each come on a keychain and lobster clip. Each doll has his or her name and good luck power written on a fabric tag that is attached to the keychain.

Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts
Santa Rosa, CA 
707 - 579-1459
Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts supports artisans and producers of fair trade gift items from over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas. We offer handcrafted personal and home accessories, including clothing, jewelry, scarves, purses, sculptures, baskets, kitchenware, textiles, lighting, toys, games, music and books.

Marlboro, VT 
802 - 254-2273
Enjoy timeless opulence and luxury, the era of Inca kings and the magic of the Andes. This magic exists in KUSIKUY’s timeless treasures handmade by elite artisans, descendants of the King’s own clothiers. Authentic heritage hand knit alpaca blessed with a ch'alla and our 5-year promise.

Latitudes Fair Trade Staunton
Staunton, VA 
540 - 887-9670

Granby, QC 
866 - 777-0959
Laundromat…? Sorry, we don't do laundry, repair washing machines or make alterations, but if you're looking for the most stylish, comfortable, handknit woolens around, then you've found the right company.

Level Ground Trading
Victoria, BC 
888 - 565-6633
Level Ground Trading trades fairly and directly with 5000 small-scale farmers in 10 countries. We import coffee, tea, dried fruit, cane sugar, vanilla beans and coconut oil. At home in Victoria BC, we send nothing to landfill, pay staff to bike, bus or carpool to work and reclaim empty packaging for local upcycling projects.

Santa Fe, NM 
505 - 660-4884
Lilybead Handmade beaded and macrame jewelry is designed and produced in the highlands of Guatemala. We have taught young women the skill of bead-weaving, and are constantly upgrading our skills and creating new designs. We have a large, production capacity, utilizing high-quality materials, imported from Japan and the Czech Republic, which enables us to customize orders and keep up with global fashion trends.

Tampa, FL 
813 - 837-5400
Selling hand made Fair Trade home decor, jewelry and gifts from South Africa.

Living Wage Fair Trade - Fair Trade Gift Card
Tallahassee, FL 
850 - 264-1805
Wholesale Fair Trade Products from Vietnam. Fair Trade Gift card. Research and public speaking regarding Standard-Based Trade. Lecture and Presentations about Trade with Standards and Fair Trade. Standards Based Trade would apply Fair Trade Standards to all imports before they are produced.

Liz Alig
Greenfield, IN 
317 - 457-6970
Liz Alig is a fair trade fashion label that focuses on creating fair trade and sustainable clothing that is produced ethically from fabric to sewing. We do this by designing collections in the US using recycled, organic, and handwoven fabrics then partner with NGO's and fair trade organizations to produce the clothing.

Lucia's Imports / Lucia's World Emporium
Lexington, KY 
859 523-1529 (wholesale)
Lucia’s Imports L.L.C established in 2005, works under Fair Trade guidelines and partners with Guatemalan families, artisans groups and cooperatives to produce and develop a wholesale and retail market for their quality designed ceramics, scarves, purses and hand beaded jewelry. We work side by side with the artisans to design products that are not only rich in tradition but fashionable, modern and functional.

Lucuma Designs Folk Art Gallery
Sarasota, FL 
877 - 858-2862
Creating a Beautiful World! Discover our contemporary Peruvian Crafts and Eco-friendly gifts: hand-carved Gourd Boxes, Christmas Ornaments, Birdhouses, Mobiles, Nativities, Textile Art Quilts, Organic Toys and Finger Puppets, Recycled Hair Accessories, Baskets & more. Request our wholesale catalog. Lucuma Designs' commitment to beauty, superb craftsmanship and sustainable design empowers talented women artists and family workshops in Peru to help themselves and their communities. Proud members of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999.

Lummetik Trading Co.
El Paso, TX 
915 - 588-2760

Made by Hand International Co-op
Bethany Beach, DE 
302 - 539-6335

Maggie's Organics
Dexter, MI 
734 - 482-4000

Abbotsford, BC 
604 - 832-7110
Twigz Creations works together with the very talented artisans of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to design trendy jewelry and home décor that display the beauty and the brilliance of African talent. Our focus is transforming communities through wealth creation to the poor in Africa and providing modern, priced right, fast selling home décor and jewelry pieces to retailers and organizations all over the world.

Malia Designs
Chicago, IL 
773 - 857-0779
Malia Designs is a handbag company out of Cambodia with a social mission to fight Human Trafficking. Our originally designed, fashion forward bags are "Designed to Carry a Cause". We also donate to organizations that fight Child Trafficking. Human Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar illegal trade affecting millions of people every year. We believe that one way to counteract this global issue is to increase access to economic opportunity in the most affected areas.

Mango Tree Imports
Saratoga Springs, NY 
518 - 584-2646
Mango Tree Imports is a locally-owned retail and web store carrying products from approximately 60 countries. Select items from Paraguay, Botswana and Chile are also available for wholesale with a special focus on sterling silver filigree jewelry. Mango Tree was established in 2000 and the store opened in May of 2006. It is located in Ballston Spa, New York’s first fair trade town.

Manos Zapotecas
Oceanside, CA 
888 - 211-1625
The mission of Manos Zapotecas is to make exquisite, high quality, hand crafted rugs, purses, and computer cases available to discerning and socially conscious buyers across the country. By connecting these artisans with new markets, and paying fair trade prices, Manos Zapotecas will help to perpetuate the superb artistry of the Zapotec people, and at the same time help to improve their lives and their community, one weaving at a time.

MarketPlace: Handwork of India
Evanston, IL 
800 - 726-8905
MarketPlace: Handwork of India is a pioneering nonprofit that empowers women in India to break the cycle of poverty, as they become leaders in their work, their homes, and their neighborhoods, and effect lasting change in their communities. In MarketPlace's comprehensive and creative organization, economic development is only the first step for these brave and resourceful women. We work with over 400 artisans who are organized into 11 independent co-operatives that produce high-quality women's apparel and home decor. They learn skills such as sewing and embroidery, and participate in all aspects of running the cooperatives. In addition, programs offer educational and enrichment opportunities designed to help the artisans overcome personal, cultural and financial obstacles.

Maroma USA
Miami, FL 
305 - 751-8455

Brooklyn, NY 
888 - 337-3586
Fashion forward accessories, clothing and home decor artisan made in Thailand and Vietnam

Mata Traders
Chicago, IL 
773 - 944-5418
Inspired by their travels around the world, Mata Traders is a design driven, fair trade fashion brand bringing uncommonly vibrant clothing and accessories to women everywhere. With a focus on gender equity and empowering women, we partner with fair trade organizations in India and Nepal that train and employ hundreds of artisans in marginalized communities. Many of our products are made using traditional techniques like embroidery, block printing, or screen printing, and are coveted for their distinct originality and flattering fit. This is fashion with a mission to end global poverty.

Matr Boomie
Austin, TX 
512 - 535-5228
Matr Boomie is a fair trade wholesaler fostering lasting economic opportunities through just partnerships with artisans in India. A social entrepreneurship that is driven by a commitment to sustainability and a deep concern for the environment, we design and create beautiful jewelry, bags, journals, accessories, home décor, toys and more. We also make custom and private label items -- contact us for design inspirations. We are your partner for creating social change in our global community.

Matur Suksema
Bothell, WA 
206 - 718-3029
Sole proprietorship working directly with artisans and artisans families in Indonesia. Products include Bali sterling silver beads and findings, carved bone jewelry findings, carved wood sculptures, baskets, and other small gift items.

MayaMam Weavers
Morristown, NJ 
973 - 610-8902
MayaMam Weavers' beautiful home and fashion accessories are handwoven and hand embroidered by a women’s cooperative in Cajolá, Guatemala. For the Maya, weaving is a way to express their identity, love of beauty, and their vision of the universe -- that everything is interconnected, all are different threads of the same fabric. MayaMam Weavers began translating traditional Guatemalan textiles into contemporary designs and exporting to the United States in 2009.

Mayan Hands
Albany, NY 
518 - 729-1900
Mayan Hands is a fair trade, nonprofit organization working in Guatemala with more than 175 Mayan women, organized in cooperatives, who seek to bring their families out of extreme poverty while they continue to live within the culture they cherish. Using traditional techniques like backstrap weaving, Mayan Hands artisans produce fine quality products, including: scarves, handbags, and table linens; pine-needle baskets; felted wool gifts; Judaica and other holiday items; eco-friendly accessories from recycled plastic.

Berwyn, IL 
312 - 243-8050
MayaWorks is a nonprofit, fair trade social venture that works directly with indigenous women of Guatemala. At its core, MayaWorks is about creating work for women so that they can financially support their families and become fully contributing members of their communities. MayaWorks helps women transform their skills into a means of financial support for their families by creating a market for the traditional arts of Maya artisans. Textile and beaded products are distributed within wholesale and retail markets and are also sold by U.S. women in their local communities. In addition, MayaWorks provides micro-credit loans and educational opportunities for artisans and their family members.

Mehera Shaw
Chapel Hill, NC 
919 - 969-2572
Mehera Shaw Shaw is a fair trade, upscale women's label using natural fibers, organic cottons and artisan printed textiles, all produced by our sister company, Mehera Shaw Textiles, in Jaipur India. We also offer kids, sewing kits, and artisan fabric by the meter for both retail and wholesale sale.

Mela Artisans
Boca Raton, FL 
561 - 237-5008

Lancaster, PA 
717 - 435-9646
Meyelo products are handmade leather, canvas and brass products from Kenya. Proceeds from our sales go to our sister nonprofit organization, A Voice Is Heard, that works to end extreme poverty.

Minga Fair Trade Imports, LLC
Lake Geneva, WI 
262 - 248-8790
“Minga” is a Quechuan word meaning a group of people gathered to accomplish a task that benefits the community as a whole. Minga FTI works hand in hand with artisans from Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Colombia. We strive to produce the best and most affordable products in fair trade. Visit our website to see jewelry, clothing, home décor and more.

Mira Fair Trade
Pittsburgh, PA 
412 - 430-0120
Mira Fair Trade works to promote justice in India by working directly with underprivileged artisans and paying them fair wages to help them develop knowledge and sustain themselves.

More Than Half
Kitchener, ON 
226 - 600-8241
More Than Half was born out of desire to increase the Fair Trade shoppings option in the region. We want to show that wearing Fair Trade isn't a compromise on fashion, expense or comfort and hope that the style, quality and peace of mind that comes with our products will help show Fair Trade shopping is more than a novelty.

Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC
Brooklyn, NY 
347 - 662-6581
Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC is an innovative Eco-friendly company making stationery and exotic gifts from waste. Our star product line is made up of stationery partially made from the fiber of elephant dung. Other items include rugs, utensils and other home decor from coconut shells, husks and wood fiber.

Mt. Meru Coffee Project
West Bend, WI 
414 - 438-0122

Muichic Natural Jewelry
Burlington, VT 
802 - 489-0521
Muichic (moo.e.sheek) is Fair Trade, sustainable and organic jewelry designed in Vermont and ethically handmade in Colombia. Using the Tagua seed as our raw material, we believe in fun, natural fashion, blending design with eco-consciousness. Bold, unique, fun & playful jewelry!

My Bolga Baskets
Orange City, FL 
386 - 801-4513
Our goal to help the artisans of Africa by offering their beautiful products here in the states. We support and promote Fair Trade. We hope we can continue to find ways we can help the weavers besides buying their products at sustainable wages.

San Antonio, TX 
210 - 829-5555
Nativa aspires to promote the passion of our skillful women artisans who are located throughout remote villages in Mexico. Each item we sell has a story of its own, and with their hands they make that story come to life. It is our mission to empower our women who painstakingly create these works of art in order to provide a modest income for their families. We take pride in being a socially responsible business who supports and empowers women from economically disadvantaged communities by providing them with sustainable employment and showcasing their amazing talent.

Nomi Network
New York, NY 
646 - 867-0608
Nomi Network is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that aims to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty that perpetuates human trafficking globally. Currently serving women in South and South East Asia.

Noonday Collection
Austin, TX 
512 - 524-1388

Old North Fair Trade Market
Evansville, IN 
812 - 423-2483
“We are an Old North United Methodist mission, all volunteer, dedicated to lifting individuals and families out of poverty. Our tools are Fair Trade wholesale purchasing, Fair Trade retail selling, and Fair Trade education for our congregation, customers, and general public. We’re open only 13 hours a week, but attend and stage many art fairs and educational events.”

one little world
Richmond, VA 
703 - 599-1544
one little world partners directly with artisans in the developing countries of kenya, nepal and ecuador. together my partners and I design product which artisans create by hand (with love). some one little world items include wool and felted items from nepal and kenya, as well as wooden items from nepal. nut and seed jewelry, vegan alpaca wraps and tree branch crayons from Ecuador, and so much more. please check us out!

One World Fair Trade
Healdsburg, CA 
707 - 473-0880
A unique gift shop located in Healdsburg, CA. fully committed to Fair Trade. Representing over 50 countries we specialize in handmade gifts, clothing, jewelry, home decor, art, sculpture, textiles and personal accessories representing the diverse cultures of our world. Make your purchase make a difference.

One World Goods
Rochester, NY 
585 - 387-0070

One World Projects
Batavia, NY 
585 - 343-4490
At One World Projects, our mission is to create viable economic alternatives for artisans and their families, and to expand the reaches of ethical and fair trade to include compassionate trade™`, which addresses the most pressing issues that face mankind today. All of our items are handmade using sustainable methods and materials and fair trade imported.

Pachamama Market
Troy, OH 
937 - 552-9466
Pachamama Market is a neighborhood marketplace that sells fair trade, eco-friendly products handmade in the Global South.

Padhma Creation
Astoria, NY 
773 - 701-0344
Inspired by indigenous motifs and crafts that have existed for generations in the Himalayan region, at Padhma Creation our goal is to keep the tradition alive and re-craft them through our knitting communities. We believe incorporating a ‘giving component’ into our products adds a deeper level of human association. By combining women’s empowerment, skill development, economic freedom, and education, our product is a fusion of philanthropy and beautiful handiwork by artisans in Nepal.

Pal Craftaid
South Lyon, MI 
248 - 486-5106
Pal Craftaid is a ministry of peace and justice in The Occupied Palestinian Territories. It imports and sells Palestinian crafts, giving artisans a wider market, helping them maintain and share their traditional art, providing a livelihood for families and empowering women in cooperatives. Funds from sales and donations are returned to artisans and also given to several Palestinian-managed non-profit organizations that help women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Lake Oswego, OR 
503 - 490-3537
We are a sustainable and environmentally sound company while following Fair Trade guidelines. We work with recycled glass and tagua nuts products. With them we make ornaments, night lights, soap dishes, plates, jewelry and we also do a lot of custom design work.

Partners for Just Trade
Saint Louis, MO 
314 - 707-2831
Partners for Just Trade is a non-profit organization that builds partnerships between producers living in poverty and consumers in North America. We address root causes of poverty through Fair Trade sales, education, solidarity, and a commitment to trade justice. We work with trade partner organizations in Peru, Haiti, and Cambodia.

Passion Lilie
New Orleans, LA 
504 - 408-1279
Passion Lilie began with a desire to change the fashion industry, so that ethical fashion is affordable and accessible for everyone. We are a New Orleans based women's fair trade clothing line that gives individuals, mainly women, in remote villages a unique opportunity to live a dignified life.Our mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities that give fair wages and safe and healthy working conditions. We believe that these positive job opportunities lead to sustainable societies and a better world.

Path of Paper
Virginia Beach, VA 
757 - 318-4820
Our products are made from recycled paper and turned into beautiful jewelry, purses, and bowls, by artisans in Iganga Uganda.

Peace Coffee
Minneapolis, MN 
612 - 870-3440
Peace Coffee's mission is to make exceptional-tasting, organic fair-trade coffee that sustains the livelihoods of the people who grow, roast, and sell it; preserves and protects the environment that produces it; and delights the taste buds of those who drink it.

Plowsharing Crafts
Saint Louis, MO 
314 - 863-3723
Plowsharing is a non-profit Fair Trade organization with 3 retail locations and a large off-site sale program. An original part of the Ten Thousand Villages network, Plowsharing has been in existence since 1985, and is a project of the St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship. We carry items from 30+ Fair Trade vendors, and from over 45 developing countries. We are staffed by volunteers, and we carry a wide variety of gift items and home/personal accessories.

Pocket Disc
Charlotte, NC 
919 - 732-5723
Childrens toys

Project Have Hope
Malden, MA 
339 - 206-4626
Project Have Hope empowers women in Uganda through the sale of their crafts to transform their lives and the lives of their families by providing them with the tools and resources needed to create sustainable futures.

Project Lydia
Lawrence, KS 
785 - 842-5870
Project Lydia is an economic development project assisting widows and abandoned wives who live in deep poverty stricken villages in Uganda Africa. They overcome domestic abuse, economic destitution, and are taking control of their lives through the products that they make which include recycled paper beaded jewelry, banana leaf baskets, and handbags made with African batik cloth.

Pure Art
Vaudreuil, QC 
866 - 567-4325
Pure Art is a socially conscious retail store operating with the pure and simple vision of celebrating hand-made crafts of global artists while engaging fully in a “fairly trade” exchange which helps empower families and communities to live sustainably. We are committed to long term change through beautiful artisanal creations and believe that “Art Can Heal.”Our goal is to increase awareness and educate others of the importance of “Shopping With A Purpose” TM.

Quilling Card
Framingham, MA 
508 - 405-2888

Rafiki Village
http://in construction 
Glenpool, OK 
918 - 521-6860

Raven + Lily
Austin, TX 
512 - 835-4777

Revy Fair Trade Products
Cleveland, OH 
216 - 765-8117
Revy offers women's accessories exclusively from El Salvador. We work with our artisans to design products which appeal to the North American market but with an El Salvadoran flair. Our focus is to use natural and recycled items in the design of both our handbags and jewelry.

Rover & Kin


Rural Africa Crafts
Salt Lake City, UT 
801 - 300-8431

Alexandria, VA 
866 - 499-4995

Sambah Naturals, Inc.
Boulder, CO 
720 - 323-5975
We are part of a new wave of African businesses working hands on, on the ground to improve the lives of all those involved. We are uplifting Zambians to succeed in their goals and dreams while providing high quality products to consumers in the traditional west.

Sandpiper Imports
Chicago, IL 
773 - 598-9840
Sandpiper Imports offers a collection of high quality .925 sterling silver jewelry pieces and unique accessories hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia. We are focused on building equitable, long-term relationships with our artisans and vendors in keeping with internationally recognized fair trade principles. Our goal is to create a sense of global community by bringing a piece of the world to our customers through our products and stories.

Seeds to Sew International
Hopewell, NJ 
609 - 564-0441
Seeds to Sew International is a nonprofit with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Currently we work with women and girls in rural Kenya. The participants are learning how to sew by making eco-friendly Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags); mothers make jewelry and handicrafts as a way to pay for school tuition for girls.

Serrv International
Madison, WI 
608 - 255-0440
Serrv's mission to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide. At Serrv, every product has a true story behind it. These stories are uplifting. They are about freedom from poverty and achieving basic human rights, such as access to food, shelter, education, and basic health care. And they are stories about equality and dignity for all people.

North Charleston, SC 
303 - 440-4900
Sevya works with artisan cooperatives throughout India to showcase their beautiful art through our collection of handmade scarves, apparel, jewelry, and gift items. All Sevya products are made using the finest natural fibers and eco-friendly dyes. The profits earned are used for need-based development programs throughout India.

Shanti Boutique
Helena, MT 
415 - 354-0798
Conscious * ethical * charitable ...with these qualities in mind and action, Shanti Boutique is a fair trade business committed to producing unique jewelry, positive for people and planet.

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala
Vermillion, SD 
605 - 624-6895

Silk Road Bazaar
Montclair, NJ 
973 - 337-7944

Singing Rooster Inc.
Madison, WI 
608 - 721-0622
Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. Help us support vulnerable producers, reforest Haiti, & build rural economies with one simple act: buy Haitian Products: coffee, art, chocolate.

Sinko Corp.
Los Gatos, CA 
408 - 371-3007
We are a very small woman owned company selling organic house ware hand crafted products.

Chicago, IL 
312 - 235-6324
A handmade lifestyle brand, Sobremesa by Greenheart supports fair trade, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumerism. The word ‘sobremesa’ literally means ‘over the table,’ and our name is inspired by the Spaniards’ tradition of lingering around the table to savor the conversation and company of others after a meal. Our handmade products are crafted by skilled artisans around the world. We celebrate the traditional methods used to create their goods. Each product is designed to empower the artisans, strengthen their community, and sustain the environment. The story we tell is unique to each product, from the revival of a glass blowing factory in Guatemala to a weaving cooperative whose name is inspired by the rhythm of their traditional foot looms. Sobremesa, embodies our organization’s mission to connect people and planet. By sharing the story of our products and the artisans who make them, we invite each consumer to become aware of their impact on the global community.

Seattle, WA 
206 - 307-1740
To support Brazilian socially and economically excluded artisans by providing a market to sell their high quality handcrafts produced and marketed in a socially just way and with environmentally sound materials.

Sprout Enterprise®
Brooklyn, NY 
718 - 230-8008
Friends of Tilonia, Inc, through its Sprout Enterprise® initiative, is building a network of artisans, designers and entrepreneurs creating sustainable livelihoods for rural communities with few economic alternatives. We draw on the rich cultural heritage of these communities and use indigenous skills and materials to craft our artisan collections. We connect these artisan enterprises to new markets and provide the support needed to ensure these enterprises are successful and sustainable. Our goal is to enable these artisans to earn much more than the bare minimum – and to develop the economic basis to live in dignity, free from hunger and extreme poverty.

Starfish Project
Goshen, IN 
574 - 584-4685
A socially responsible jewelry business; offering employment, housing, vocational training and holistic care to women coming out of exploitation and abuse.

Sustainable Threads
North Brunswick, NJ 
732 - 940-7487
Sustainable Threads is an exclusively fair trade, sustainability-focused wholesale company promoting hand-crafted home and lifestyle products. Artisan co-ops in India use pure natural materials such as cotton, silk and clay to create our collection. We carry a selection of inviting products including tablecloths, runners, napkins, decorative pillows, scarves, jewelry, journals and other fine home, lifestyle and gifts. Each is thoughtfully accompanied by a story and is packaged to sell.

Swahili Imports, Inc.
Eugene, OR 
541 - 684-0688
Since 1995, Swahili has been working with artisans across Africa to create modern fair trade gifts and home décor that convey the brilliance and adaptability of African craftsmanship. Selling to stores and individuals worldwide, Swahili’s development practices focus on promoting stable, prosperous communities, encouraging individual creativity, utilizing recycled and natural materials and facilitating the contribution of inspired African artisans to the world of modern design.

Toronto, ON 
416 - 465-9943

Tenfold Fair Trade Collection
Harpers Ferry, WV 
304 - 579-8525
Tenfold Fair Trade Collection is dedicated to the principles of the fair trade system of exchange. We are affiliated with fair trade organizations that guarantee fair wages to artisans for their work. We provide our customers with fun and practical products which make creative use of many recycled materials. We are as committed to the care of our planet as we are to the care of our global neighbors.

Ten Thousand Villages USA
Akron, PA 
717 - 859-8100
Ten Thousand Villages works to improve the livelihood of thousands of skilled artisans in 35 countries. Product sales generate income for artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed, enabling them to provide food, education, health care and housing for their families.

The Blessing Basket Project
Saint Louis, MO 
314 - 272-1250
As a certified nonprofit organization we have only ONE mission: lift the artisans we serve out of poverty. We pay our artisans a Prosperity Wage, which is signifigantly beyond fair trade, in fact more than anyone else in the world. Our mission is achieved when the artisans graduate from our program into a life of sustainable financial independence.

The Little Market
Santa Ana, CA 
213 - 927-6758
We offer a selection of handmade products from around the world, ranging from accessories to home decor to kitchenware, and more.

The Olive Branch at Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
Missoula, MT 
406 - 543-3955
The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center is a community resource to educate and engage the community in nonviolence, social justice and care for the environment. We operate a library, a community center, park and fair trade store.

The Peace Exchange
Laguna Beach, CA 
714 - 507-5494

The Pulsera Project
Charleston, SC 
610 - 761-2086
The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that educates, empowers, and connects Nicaraguan youth with students in more than 900 U.S. schools through the sale of colorful handwoven bracelets, or "pulseras" in Spanish. Money raised from pulsera sales in the U.S. are returned to Nicaragua to fund many educational & empowerment programs.

The Sentient Bean
Savannah, GA 
912 - 232-4447
Independently owned cafe and vegetarian restaurant in Savannah, GA. Everyone welcome! Serving fair trade, organic coffee and tea and making goodies in house using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Check website for almost nightly events.

The Village Experience
Indianapolis, IN 
317 - 602-3696
The Opportunity Collection seeks to give an opportunity to artisans in Kenya, Thailand and India. Economic development and community support are fostered through this fair trade collection. The Kenyan artisans are comprised of mentally and physically challenged people seeking employment and advancement. In Thailand the artisans are in the rebuilding process after the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Indian artisans are survivors of human trafficking, seeking dignified, safe employment.

The Work of Our Hands
Pella, IA 
641 - 628-8687
The Work of Our Hands is a nonprofit, retail outlet, supported by volunteers.The store was started in 1989 by faculty at Central College.

Trade Roots
Arlington, VA 
571 - 335-4274

Trades of Hope
Bunnell, FL 
386 - 263-8776
We sell ethically produced jewelry and accessories to help empower women out of poverty around the world. Our artisans who were once desperate for an income are now creating a product and providing for their families, breaking multi-generational poverty in their communities. Women in the United States create a dignified partnership with women around the world to help them become the heroes of their own stories.

Traditions Cafe
Olympia, WA 

Tula Hats
Austin, TX 
888 - 232-4287
Tula Hats are hand woven of palm in the traditional manner by families inside a small village near central Mexico. They have a 500 year history of hat making. The palm is grown in the warm coastal areas of Mexico and as a sustainable fiber is environmentally friendly and harvested twice a year. Not only do these hats looks and feel good on they also provide the added health benefit of being UPF 50+. Each year, Alice works with the hat makers to create new designs to satisfy changing styles and trends while respecting the village traditions. "We have been honored to work with such a wonderful group of people and have developed a special friendship and trust with the hat makers over the last 25 years. "

Twin Engine Coffee
Malden, MO 
573 - 291-4400

Unique Batik
Raleigh, NC 
919 - 856-0448
Unique Batik works in Guatemala, Ghana, and Thailand with people who are making cool jewelry, and batik and hand woven bags and clothing.

Upavim Crafts / Itty Bitty Global Gift Shop
Berkeley Springs, WV 
304 - 500-2633
UPAVIM Crafts is a unique fair trade crafts business that is part of UPAVIM, a cooperative of approximately 80 dedicated women who live in an impoverished community on the outskirts of Guatemala City. Their goal for the last 25+ years has been to improve the quality of their lives and community through self empowerment, education, job creation, health and nutrition. They produce an array of quality colorful gifts.

Venture Imports, LLC
Westmont, IL 
630 - 963-8480

Victoria Road
New York, NY 
917 - 334-0602
Victoria Road collaborates with talented emerging women designers and skilled artisans and craftsmen in Lahore, Pakistan, to create modern, sophisticated fashion for globally-savvy women and children. Together, we are fueling entrepreneurship and bridging cultures through design.

Vineyard Marketplace
San Marcos, TX 
512 - 392-8463

Wanderlust Jewelry
Boulder, CO 
303 - 857-7878
Wanderlust sells handcrafted jewelry made by skilled Peruvian artisans. Specializing in hand painted earrings in a variety of nature, flower, bird and southwestern designs. Wanderlust also carries a large line of semi-precious stone jewelry and chandelier earrings. They are direct manufactures and sell both wholesale and retail through the website.

Water is Life Kenya Beaded Handicrafts
Newark, DE 
302 - 894-7335
Our beautiful paper beaded and glass beaded hand-crafted products are made by the local Kenyan artisans from southern Kenyan. Purchases not only help support these artisans and their families, proceeds go back into more water projects as part of our 501(c) 3 non-profit’s primary goal of providing easy access to clean water for remote villages.

WHEAT's Hand to Hand Project
Phoenix, AZ 
602 - 955-5076
WHEAT's Fair Trade Store, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a major empowerment program supporting economic justice through fair trade. WHEAT has been actively participating in fair trade since 1990 and is an anti hunger organization educating, advocating, motivating and empowering individuals to action in the fight against poverty and hunger. www.HungerHurts.org

Milwaukee, WI 
414 - 559-7817
African wire and glass beaded animal figurines, key chains and tree ornaments

Women's Peace Collection
Great Barrington, MA 
413 - 329-5331

Women of the Cloud Forest
Pittsburgh, PA 
412 - 475-8580
Women of the Cloud Forest is a fair-trade project working in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Their artisan partners produce a variety products using recycled aluminum and other natural materials. In addition to wholesale, they offer products for fund-raising for school, churches and other groups looking for a unique way to support fair-trade.

Work Of Our Hands USA LLC
Thornton, CO 
720 - 212-5488
We are the founders and direct importers of OKAWA beads, hand made ceramic beads and jewelry from the women's project in Namibia also named Work of Our Hands.

Birmingham, AL 
205 - 991-8100
WorldCrafts develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses throughout the world by investing in product development, marketing and sales of handmade crafts to create viable employment for women and men in poverty.

World Cup Fair Trade Market
Waco, TX 
254 - 757-1748
Mission Waco's Fair Trade Market is a Certified Fair Trade Dealer and part of World Cup Cafe and Mission Waco, in Waco, TX. Mission Waco is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to serving the poor and homeless in Waco, TX.

Westmont, IL 
800 - 609-9303
WorldFinds' designs empower women in the developing world through fair trade. Sustainably handmade, our repurposed textile jewelry and accessories, mixed metal jewelry, and decorative gift items are lovingly handcrafted in India and Bali. Find our designs in museum stores, boutiques, fair trade shops and online. Ask us about our custom design program too!

Worldly Goods
Ames, IA 
515 - 233-4568
Worldly Goods inspires social justice, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental resiliency by providing a marketplace for artisans of the world to earn a living wage, support their families, and develop their communities.

World Peaces
Columbus, OH 
614 - 596-1303

World Village Fair Trade Mobile
Aquebogue, NY 
631 - 255-1995
We are a 100% Fair Trade gift shop carrying handcrafted products from over 30 countries. Products range from jewelry, handbags, accessories, to coffees, teas, chocolate, hot cocoa. There are children's products, musical instruments, religious goods, home decor and kitchen items. We are proud that we were the first 100% Fair Trade gift shop on Long Island and we continue working with an all-volunteer staff, providing support to hundreds of orphans in sub-Sahara Africa.

Woven Grace
Warrenton, VA 
540 - 270-5447
Woven Grace sells note cards and journals. The Grace Card is a beautifully crafted card, combining fabric and card stock. Each unique floral design is representative of the colorful flowers found in Haiti. Each card comes with an envelope, the story of the artist, and protected in a clear plastic envelope. The Grace Card comes in All Occasion, Christmas, "Love You" , Birthday, and Mother's Day. The journals have the same floral design, 8.5 X 5.5 inches, with 50 sheets of high quality lined writing paper or plain paper, with metal binding to lay flat when open.

Woven Joy
Cedar Falls, IA 
319 - 988-2155
Woven Joy is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working with artisans in the Philippines to create, produce and sell some of the world's finest quality hand woven friendship bracelets and other products.

Woven Promises
Longmont, CO 
720 - 203-0096
Woven Promises strives to create partnerships through support of entrepreneurial efforts of talented artisans in the developing world. This is based on a foundation of deep appreciation and respect of their cultural heritage. Our Ethiopian textiles are completely handmade using traditional methods of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing but with a contemporary twist. Purchase of the one-of-a-kind Namibian baskets enhance the lives of 100 weavers and send over 100 at risk girls to school.

Y'abal Handicrafts
Chicago, IL 
773 - 455-4755
Y'abal focuses on women as the key to sustainable family development. We provide job opportunities and social programs to 3 cooperatives of indigenous women weavers in the highlands of Guatemala. Our products combine traditional Mayan weaving and embroidery traditions with modern designs. We pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and close working relationships with all the artisans we support.

Zee Bee Market
Saint Louis, MO 
314 - 932-1000
We carry a carefully curated collection of handcrafted and fair trade gifts from around the world. We also sell fairly traded coffee, chocolate and other treats.

Zen Zen
Bonsall, CA 
877 - 905-3310
Essentially green since 1992, zen zen uses sustainable, natural and upcycled materials to create an eco-chic line of home décor and gifts, designed by Andrea Phillips. Entirely handmade by village artisans, or in our own fair trade workshop, we utilize and preserve traditional, indigenous handicrafts, to be enjoyed by continued generations. We support and educate our workers, village communities and artisan partners to improve efficiency and sustainability and to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Refuse & Repair.

Zesa Raw
Guttenberg, NJ 
855 - 493-7272