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The definition of a beautiful girl is that give pleasure when any one see her,or hear  her or u feel good  to think about her,you feel good to have around this is best definition of a beautiful girl. It is a common saying that beauty in heart also counts a lot equally. If a girl looks beautiful &  she is also beautiful from her heart that called a perfect beauty. You also commonly hear that beauty in looks not important but beauty in eyes matters a lot & if a girl have beauty in her eyes that’s the definition of a beautiful girl. But in my opinion the girl who is confident than she is beautiful. I meant to say every girl who look confident than we can say that she totally describe a definition of a beautiful girl.
The definition of a beautiful is completely describe that lady who is kind, caring and whom you can trust. Your heart fills with sadness when she gone thats also truly describe a beautiful girl. You feel good when she is around you, who makes your day bright.A girl who is conscious about her self respect,this quality also makes her beautiful.Personally what I think if you are beautiful from your heart than it will reflects from your eyes & if does than believe me You Are Beautiful!!!!
The definition of beautiful girl not only means that she is beautiful from outside,it means that she must possess good sense of humor having a good smile that just brighten your day also.Some people describe a beautiful girl who has beautiful eyes having fair complexion, attractive personality is also count as the additional bonus & should know about the social values & ethics. Every man wants her life partner must be beautiful,who is gorgeous, intelligent & having good character.There are two kinds of beauty we usually see in the girl:
Outside beauty / Physical beauty
Inner beauty / Emotional Beauty
The physical beauty is that she looks beautiful from outside,means she is elegant,pretty,having awesome attractive personality is called outside beauty.The girl who is caring,humble,having low tempered comes in the category of Emotional beauty.All men when seeks their life partner they want a beautiful girl but remember the girl who have good heart will become a good wife & if she is a good wife than your life will be good.They should be loyal & dedicated.Beauty is not from outside,its reflects from inside!!!
Jia Ahmad

Actually a marriage starts always from happiness.Couple feeling that they are falling in love with each other & every one say that early marriage life is beautiful.At that time both feeling that they are the perfect match for each other because they don’t know much about their habits and  than this early married life replaced by arguments & fights & than they come to know that they cant live under one roof that leads to Divorce & remarriage.The increasing rate of divorce & remarriages in Pakistan is considered a shame because in the past few decades this word is un heard in pakistani Society. basically pakistan is conservative country even if the woman is unhappy not think about divorce because she don’t want that this label attach with her name & personality.Mostly women do compromises due to many reasons e.g financial burden,social pressure & her family not supporting her.She prefer to live a unhappy married life rather to divorced.
So another most important factor in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages is financial independence of women,intolerant attitude.Basically Pakistan is a male dominating society & want their wives to stay at home,look after their children & parents & leave their careers & professional life.Sometimes this situation worse & play a vital role in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages.In my view Marriage is not an important task,commitment is very important thing. Lack of privacy is also the cause of Increasing rate of divorce especially it happens in joint system which cause problems between the couple & leads to divorce.Sometimes divorce have bad impact on your life,your health suffers a lot.Mutual tolerance & compromise can decrease the rate of divorce.
In Pakistan the feeling of superiority also the main cause of divorce & remarriages. There is problem in Asian males that they don’t like female dominance, this can also lead to divorce. We can down the rate of divorce, all causes of divorce should be looked in to & corrected, and that’s the only key to have successful married life. We should not complain about our life partner, we should change ourselves for them this is love & commitment.So just renew your love by discussing your problems & issues with your life partner, Not Divorce but getting remarried is the right Solution!!!!!

Jia Ahmad