Welcome to Girl Scout Troop 65474 Storm Preparation Site.

(For info on current storm go to Even More Storm Tracking, then get prepared by going to . . . . .  Be Prepared!)

    In October 2012, the eastern coast of the United States was hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Our area of New Jersey was hit hard, yet we were lucky not to have the destruction that decimated the coast line.

    Girl Scout Troop 65474 decided to research how the storm affected our area in order to better prepare our community for future storms.

    We all had firsthand knowledge of how the storm affected our families and property.  We wanted to find out how it hit others in our area.

    Some of us surveyed the other kids in our grade.

    Others interviewed the Watchung Rescue Squad to find out how they served our community during that difficult time.

    We also interviewed the Watchung Police Department to get their suggestions.

    Based on the information that we gathered, we found ways that we could better assist the community in the event of future storms.

    One idea was to create this kid-friendly website with helpful information about storms.  The website gives tips on what you need to store at home to prepare.  It provides a checklist of what you should store at home.  It gives important phone numbers that you should print to contact local utilitiesThere is also a link to the Watchung Borough Home Page . Finally, we list the steps to create a Storm Fun Kit.

    Another idea was to create a bunch of Storm Fun Kits to give to local kids.  The kits contain puzzles, games, stickers and other things to do without electricity.  Local businesses donated goods for our kits.  We distributed 100 of these Fun Kits at the Watchung Community Picnic this past May. 

    In an effort, to better prepare our community, Girl Scout Troop 65474 was proud to make a monetary donation to the Watchung Rescue Squad.

 We hope this site proves helpful to you and your family.