Our Speakers


Mrs Julie Calvert



Miss Rose Meads


Paula Anderson


Miss Carol Chia










                   Mrs Rosie Boom 




     Mrs Lois Jordan and husband Barry 










Miss Grace Jordan     







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Mrs Julie Calvert - Julie  is married to Terry Calvert, and they home-school their four children.  They currently live on-site at the Arahina Training Centre for A.T.I.N.Z. Julie loves to encourage and exhort other mothers and young ladies in deepening their relationship with Christ.







Miss Rose Meads - Rose is 21yrs old and the eldest in a family of 12 children. She enjoys sewing, Irish music, cooking, and cake decorating, among many other varied things and currently works part-time at a fruit and vege store in her home town of Palmerston North. Rose has recently been on an overseas mission trip to Vanuatu with one of her brothers





Mrs Paula Anderson - Paula was recently married to Sam Anderson . She is 26yrs old, and is doing a ministry internship at St Johns Anglican church in Christchurch. 







Miss Carol Chia - Carol is 24yrs old and second eldest in a family of 8 children. Carol is an independant qualified midwife, and enjoys serving the Lord in her ministry to women in this area. She loves photography and is a talented artist. Carol also enjoys playing music with her family.




Mrs Rosie Boom - Rosie is a well known speaker, singer/songwriter and author. She and her husband, Chris, have travelled to a number of countries to sing and share about Jesus. They live in Whangarei with their six children, whom they home school.
Rosie loves to speak to women, inspiring them in their walk with God, their love for their husbands and children, and homeschooling their children.   
Rosie has recently published The Gift of Values, the first of a set of four books to help parents teach their children values such as honesty and perseverance.
She also enjoys windsurfing, horse riding, reading and having fun with the family.



Mrs Lois Jordan- Lois is from Palmerston North. She is a mother of three. Lois and her husband have homeschooled their children and are now running a family home business of plant nursery. Their whole family were missionaries in Romania for 4 years and they regularly return there to help run youth bible camps. Lois is a well known world traveled speaker, and one of the founders of the Above Rubies Magazines. She enjoys gardening and design and has a ministry opportunity teaching art to prisoners in the Manawatu Prison.



Miss Grace Jordan - Grace is 25yrs old, and the daughter of  Barry and Lois Jordan. Grace and her family have been missionaries to Romania for 4 years and regularly go back to help run youth bible camps there. Grace works with her family in their home-business. She enjoys baking, and cooking, and plans to one day cook for their family cafe and plant nursery business.



Miss Glenna Wong- Glenna came from Malaysia 14 years ago. She served at Arahina Training Centre in Marton for a year in 2001, working as a tutor for troubled youth. Glenna lives in Christchurch. She is a 33 years old single lady. She attends Bryndwr Gospel Chapel since 1994 and has taught children in Sunday school for a couple of years. Her desire is to encourage more young ladies to dedicate their lives to loving the Lord and trusting Him. She works as a full time Library Assistant at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. She enjoys reading, badminton, basketball, swimming, card-making, embroidery, cooking, baking and talking with people.