History of Girls4Christ Conference










                 Miss Amy Lauder









Lauder Family 2006 with new Mother Ann. (Everyone there except Joel - 2nd born son.)

G.F.C. Conferences have been held annually throughout New Zealand, since 2003.

They are the result of the Lord giving a desire to inspire and encourage young Christian ladies in their walk with God. This desire was given to Amy Lauder of Whangarei, daughter of Les and Dawn Lauder, and eldest of 10 children.

Amy recalled that in her younger years she stuggled to stand strong in the Lord, and sometimes felt like “the only one” called to live life according to Gods standards. Apart from her family, and occasional gatherings of like minded believers, plus a few select friends she corresponded with, the role-models and peers around her, were not godly examples. The Lord gradually grew a deep desire to help other girls who were stuggling as she had.

Her vision was to provide a place where older godly young ladies could be mentors and “heroines” of the faith, sharing testimonies of God in their lives, for the younger girls to aspire to and so desire more of God in their own lives.

Also that we could provide young ladies with strong Bible-based teaching, that re-inforced what many Christian parents are endeavoring to instill in their daughters – against the pull of the worlds decreasing values, and influences.

Most of all Amy desired to ignite the fire of their love for the God who loves them so very much He gave up His only Son that we could be His and have everlasting fellowship with Him. With the encouragement of a godly mother, who passed away unexpectedly before she could witness first hand the fruit of her labour, Amy hired her church's camping ground and hosted the first ever G.I.R.L.S. For Christ (G.F.C.) conference in 2003.