2005 GIRLS Conference


                     The Hunua Falls 


2005 GFC





Hunua Falls

Presbyterian Church



Dates: 6pm 3rd



 till  2pm 7th October



   The Chapel - Hunua Falls









Kitchen hands from Left: Emily, Thomas and Zachari Lauder.



Mrs Sharyne Jaunay










 Mrs Ashford (above)

Miss Rose Meads (below) 


Mrs Foote



      Mrs Davidson (above)

      Miss Grace Jordan (below)



    Miss Zoe Dawson (below)



   Miss Elisabeth Benson (left)

    Miss Jeni Brubaker (right)  








    Miss Amy & Laura Lauder

 Girls for Christ Conference 2005

The year 2005 was the largest GFC Conference we have hosted, with over 100 attendees. We have since limited our numbers to under 100 as it was a very busy time for all involved.

We had a lovely team of Leaders this year, though we regretted not being able to have a 'leaders Only' day of preparation before everyone arrived.

Our 2005 Team of Leaders: (from top left) Kathryn Abblett, Ronit Meyers, Claire Kirby, Emily Roughten, Sarah Hulsey, Zoe Dawson. (bottom from left) Autumn Estes, Rose Meads, Diane Sanborn, Jeni Brubaker, Kirsten McCrae, Kedesh Simmons, (? hiding), Sarah Larritt, and Grace Jordan. 


Many of our Speakers and Leaders traveled from long distances again, and we are so grateful they willingly gave of their time and energy to come and invest in the lives of so many young ladies.


The Lauder family all attended this conference, and so Amy and Laura were busy looking after their younger siblings as well as organizing everyone else. Many  girls willingly supervised and included their siblings in their activities which was a much appreciated kindness.


Mr Lauder catered for everyone,with kitchen helpers Thomas, Zac and Emily Lauder, and Mrs Ann Colis. Actually, Mrs Ann Colis (a widow), was to marry Mr Lauder (also a widower), approx 1 year later. 



Some of our Speakers and topics in2005:  

Mrs Sharyne Jaunay, who spoke on Modesty,entitled Virtuous Womanhood.This was a memorable occasion as she used some comical sketches as visual aids in her talk.




Mrs Patricia Ashford (the Lauders grandmother), spoke on the Names of

God, using her knowledge of the Hebrew

scriptures to enlarge our vision of who God






 MissRoseMeads spoke on Trusting God with every “piece” of our lives. Rose is an animated  speaker whose enthusiasm and

trust in God is contagious .The girls

learnt much from her humble sharing of

experiences where she has had to trust God.



Mrs Penelope Foote spoke to us on A Beautiful Journey. Giving a new perspective on Using our Single Years wisely, and

enjoying the Journey of our young womanhood.


Mrs Sue Davidson spoke on Preparing for your Life Calling/Ministry. She

shared a variety of skills and practical knowledge we need to invest in our

lives while we are still young.





Miss Grace Jordan spoke on How to be a Polished Cornerstone. She and her

cousin Rose Meads used a short skit to illustrate her points. She shared how a

personal relationship with the Lord is vital for helping us in every other



 Miss Zoe Dawson spoke on Under my Fathers Covering. She shared from her own life experience the dangers of avoiding her parents protection and advice, in contrast to to the blessings of being under their protection and blessing. Zoe emphasized the point that we are Princesses - daughters of the most High King.


 Miss Elisabeth Benson and Miss Jeni Brubaker  combined their two talks on Contentment, entitled What is Great

Gain?. They emphasized Gods perspective of great gain as oppossed to ours.

They brought it together with life stories of learning to be content and allow God

to develop a meek and quiet spirit in their lives which is in the  sight of

God, of great price.



Miss Laura and Amy

Lauder spoke on the skills they'd learnt concerning Communicating

Effectively with our Families. They also tied

all the speakers together reminding us of the main points/keys each speaker had left us with.