2004 GIRLS Conference



  WHEN: 21st – 25th




  WHERE: Marsden Bay

  Christian Youth Camp


WHAT TIME: 12:30pm Tuesday  21st till 3pm 25th





The crafts and skills we learnt in 2004 GFC were

as follows:


Cake Decorating, taught

by Mrs Rhonda Meeds.




taught by Mrs Claire Blankenbyl.




Preserving taught by

Miss Amy Lauder.



Basic First Aid, taught by Mrs Kay George.


Portrait sketching taught by Miss Carol Chia.


 Jewellery taught by Mrs Reity Roughton.

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2004  G.I.R.L.S for Christ Conference

Our 2004 Conference was held in the same venue and nearly the same time of year as our first one in 2003. This year we had a marvellous team of older girls who came as leaders and mentors to the younger ones. We met a day before the majority of other girls arrived and enjoyed a good time of fellowship, as well as prayerful and practical preparation for investing in the lives of the girls coming. A gift bag for each girl coming had been prepared and the Leaders personally wrote out each girls name meaning on cards they hand-crafted themselves during this time of preparation. Many of the leaders travelled long distances to be with us on this special 2nd G.F.C. Conference. It was so much more enjoyable to share the practical and spiritual needs of ministering to young girls with such a lovely group of older role models who love the Lord. In total this year, we had 71 girls attend, as well as three mothers. 



Speakers we had during our 2004 G.F.C. Conference:

Mrs Patricia Ashford spoke to us of Jewish Gems. Incorperating her love of the Israeli Nation and knowledge of Jewish/Biblical Traditions she shed a new light on the traditions and items of symbolism we read about in the Bible.



Miss Genevieve Smith spoke to us about Proverbs 31

 in the light of using our single years to develop

skills necessary for one day being a wife and mother.

 She also later shared on the topic of Parents

Relationships and the blessings that come from a

proper relationship with them in our youth, and for the rest of our lives.



Mrs Helen Larritt spoke on Suffering. A necessary but often painful part of life that can bring great growth or great destruction depending on our attitude towards it.




Miss Laura Lauder spoke on Forgiveness vs Bitterness,

and shared from her personal experience how destructive bitterness and unforgiveness can be if we do not first acknowledge our own need of Gods forgiveness and then

forgive others.



Miss Anna and Elisabeth Botkin

spoke on Honouring our Parents, and the blessings or consequences that come from heeding or neglecting this great commandment  with promise.



 Miss Paula Sinclaire spoke from the wealth of experience she has being the eldest of a large Christian family, on Sibling Relationships. She gave many and varied ways of investing in their lives for good, and the power of our influence. Paula  also spoke about Child Evangelism, using her own personal and extensive experience in this vital area.



Mrs Rosie Boom shared with us during two sessions. One on Purity and Using our Single years Wisely and the other entitled, Our Fuel (the Word of God and Prayer). She has a powerful testimony in both these areas as she served the Lord wholeheartedly while single, and waited for the “right one” to marry, which wasn't until she was 31.


Miss Jeni Brubaker also spoke on Using your Single Years Wisely. She shared from her own life experiences of what God had taught her in this area.


Miss Charis Chia spoke to us on Yielding. The importance of surrendering every area of our lives to God was spoken with honest and clear truths, the Lord has shown her in her

own life.



 Mrs Sharyn Jaunay shared with us her advice and counsel in the very important area of Modesty. In the increasingly immodest dress of todays society how we are to stand out as lights in the world, and dare to have higher standards in our dress.