2003 GIRLS Conference 




Our Venue – Marsden Bay

                    Youth Camp

 Date: 29 th September -


          2nd October


Venue: Marsden Bay Youth



Time: 10:30am Monday –          3:30pm Thursday








    Special Thanks to my

(Amy Lauders) family, and

the many people who

worked and prayed behind

the scenes to make this first

Conference such a success.

Special acknowledgement

is due our wonderful

cooks Mr Colin and Mrs

Wendy McCrae from

Hikurangi, who willingly

volunteered to cook for

and feed us all during the

whole Conference. They

were so very patient with

our flexible schedule and

always produced delicious

meals to energise and

refresh us physically

during Conference.

Thank-you both!


Lovely Girls preparing food for our banquet 

 Floral Art - Hanging baskets

Floral Art - Centre Pieces 

Finished product

Groups of Friends :-)

Miss Charis Chia

Musicians and Singers

Crafts/Skills we covered in

2003 were:


Catering and Hospitality Skills

Taught by Mrs

 Brenda Brooks who also

 instructed us in table and

 hospitality ettiquette.



Taught by Mrs Wendy

 Hamilton using the many

 and varied sewing machines loaned to us for learning special skill.


Floral Art

Taught by Mrs Wynne

Sowry who traveled many

 miles to be with us and

teach us from her rich

experience about floral



Bread Making

Taught by Mrs Debra

Cullen who patiently taught

us the art of Swiss Bread

making, which we all

heartily enjoyed the result

 of afterwards.




Taught by Mrs Phyllis

Russ, and Mrs Marie

Walker,who brought many

 added extras to help us

along with preserving

memorable moments via scrapbooking.


Basic First Aid was also

 taught us by Mrs Alison

 Stewart and her daughter

 and friend.

A beautiful "Newspaper Bride"

2003 First ever G.I.R.L.S for Christ Conference

This first conference was very successful, with a total of 52 young ladies. We had a great week and for a first one, everything went very smoothly. We learnt a lot during and from it, that influenced the future conferences. We didn't have the older girls as leaders over groups in this first conference, and consequently Amy found herself rather stretched emotionally and physically, trying to organize everything as well as spend individual time with the girls. She actually ended up with a bad flu that lasted 6weeks afterwards.We now have leaders over a group of approx 6-8 girls each. This is a tremendous help and enables more one on one discipleship and personal involvement between leaders and girls.

Live Speakers we had during this first Conference :


Miss Laura Lauder, who spoke to us on Loving your Mother and Honouring our Parents. This was particularly influential as Laura's mother had just the last year passed on to glory. She shared rich truths with the girls about how to bless our mothers and fathers.


 Mrs Julie Calvert, spoke to us from her personal experience in the area of Restoring Relationships. She used hand drawn illustrations to show how  bitterness, unforgiveness, lies, etc we allow the enemy to build in our lives, weakens our ability to walk in freedom and love towards God and others.


Mrs Jenny Jenkins spoke on Loving our Siblings, and used many visual probs to enhance her message and portray sometimes comically, the importance of investing in sibling relationships.


Mrs Patricia Ashford (the Lauders grandmother), spoke on the importance of Memorisation of Scripture. She has a deep love for the Word of God and has been studying the Biblical and Modern Hebrew language  for many years. Many were inspired by her obvious passion for memorizing and meditating on Scripture.


Mrs Sharyn Jaunay addressed the pressing issue of Modesty with her talk entitled  The Princess's New Clothes Her frank but loving advice and cautions to girls in this area caused many to think about what message they were portraying by what they wear.


Mrs Helen Larritt spoke on the topic Single and Celebrating. Using her own life as a testimony of Gods goodness to her as a single young women who married later in life, she encouraged girls to focus on the Lord and serving Him with their single years.


Miss Amy Lauder shared on Contentment, and Ownership. She stressed the importance of giving everything to the Lord, and resting content in His provision for our lives.


Mrs Janet Flemming gave a practical message on Writing for the Lord, based on her own experience as President of the Christian Writers Assosiation. Many of the girls produced impressive articles after listening to and applying her teaching during her talk.


Miss Laura and Amy Lauder spoke on being Proverbs 31 Women while Single. They likened Christ to our Husband and all the skills of the Proverbs 31 woman, as well as having practical application, also had a spiritual application.

We also showed several video sessions:

         Loving the Lord – Jerry Benjamin

         Get Busy Abiding in Him – Chrystal Smith

         Developing a Trustworthy Heart – Andrea Lewis

         Focused Youth and True Monogomy – Chistianna Reed

         Moral Purity – Kelsey Powell

Some of our "newspaper brides" to go with our talk on Jesus being our bridegroom.

Drama of 'Mrs Rosie Posie and the Chocolate Cherry Treat'