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Speical Interest Groups

"Have you Bean Poded?"

The Bean Pod is about creating ongoing personal and professional relationships. It has been noticed that it only takes a few strong close relationships to assist females to continue and grow in their IT journey. Further than meeting over coffee via the GGC, more direct networking is encouraged. 

Girl Geek Coffees there are subsets of special interest groups or 
Bean Pods, brought together by an Information Technology area of interest. All Bean Pod members, referred to as Beans, are encouraged to connect with each other socially.

Due to closer relationships being formed, Beans may chose to assist each other in things such as common programming languages, computer packages, games, multimedia, research, leadership, or job searching, just to name a few. 

These special interest groups are presently networked via Facebook:
Other avenues for connectivity socially are though GGC Facebook and also professionally through GGC LinkedIn. The later is an online career related networking site, where females in IT can network with each other from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. 

Did you know that only
5% of jobs are advertised? Around
50% of all jobs are filled through referrals, that is word-of-mouth networking? That means every second person that has a job, has obtained it through someone they know! Shesh! Why didn't you tell me! So, the real question is: "Have you Bean Poded?" ;O)


 Bean Pod